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The Joy of Giving: Top Accessories to Enhance Your Ebike Christmas Gift

As of 2023, it is estimated to have 300 million Ebikes, and this number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. While it seems exciting to have your Ebike, most people don’t know that they can buy certain accessories that will improve their experience and the efficiency of their Ebikes a lot. So, if you are exploring the Christmas Ebike sale, you must check out some accessories to enjoy the Ebike experience of your loved ones even more.

Top Accessories to Enhance Your Ebike Christmas Gift  

If you are buying electric bikes for adults from the Christmas Ebike sale, you must get some ebike accessories to make this gift even better. Here is the list of the 10 most important accessories that every Ebike owner must have.

1. Spare battery packs

Ebikes do have paddles for a normal bicycle experience, but if the battery dies while exploring the outdoors, the experience will not be as fun. The solution is getting a spare Ebike battery, which will technically double the range from your Ebike. This way, you will never have range anxiety, even when away from a charging point.

2. Ebike racks for car

The biggest problem people face with their Ebikes is that they don’t have the right option to carry their Ebikes with them while they are traveling, and the Ebikes are not easy to keep inside smaller cars without compromising on storage or sitting capacity. Getting a rack for a car will be a great choice since it secures the Ebike at the back of the car conveniently.

The Magicycle Ebike rack for cars ensures that you can safely carry your Ebike with you wherever you want. Now, there is no need to damage the car or your Ebike since this rack securely keeps your Ebike in place. Moreover, you don’t need to compromise on storage or sitting capacity on your vehicle since the rack goes outside of the car.

3. Smartphone holders and covers

A smartphone is essential when riding an Ebike since it is used for entertainment and navigation purposes. However, you cannot take any risks with your expensive smartphones, so a smartphone holder with rain protective cover will ensure that you can use it while it is sitting protectively on the handlebar.

4. Bike covers

For people who have to store the Ebike outdoors or indoors for long, the bike cover is an essential accessory. You can gift it along the Ebike, and they will never worry about the electrical components since the cover will protect everything from dust and rain.

5. Bike locks

Ebikes for adults are expensive gift items, and you don’t want your loved one to lose their Ebike. So, whenever they are leaving their bike somewhere unattended, they can use the password-protected lock to secure their Ebike with something around like a pole or a fence.

6. Ebike gloves

Ebike gloves are great for cold weather or morning rides. These protect your hands from getting extremely cold and prevent scratching your hand against things around you. These gloves have special material on the palm side so the rider gets a firm grip on the handlebar.

7. Baskets and trailers

Baskets and trailers are useful for people who have to carry stuff with them on the Ebike. Trailers will be a perfect gift for someone doing delivery business, while a basket will come in handy for carrying routine accessories conveniently.

8. Portable compressors

Most Ebikes come with tubeless tyres, and sometimes these tires go flat when the bike is sitting idle for a long. Having a portable compressor will be peace of mind since it can inflate within minutes and make the Ebike ready for all the adventure once again.

The tire inflator from Magicycle comes with all the attachments and small tools that you will require on the go when you have a deflated tire. With its rechargeable battery, you will never worry about being stuck with your Ebike, and it comes in a compact package for easier storage.

9. Helmet and knee pads

Ensure that the Ebike rider never compromises their security and give them a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads with the Ebike gifts. This way, they will be more secure while riding outdoors or in the city.

10. Smart Bluetooth speakers

The entertainment must never stop while riding an Ebike, but when the rider uses headphones, they may not hear outside traffic noise. The safer solution to that is a portable Bluetooth speaker that attaches to the handlebar of Ebike and detaches when needed to be carried around.


Having an Ebike is great, but getting the right accessories with it is even better. If you are planning to get a gift for someone from the Magicycle Christmas Sale, you must get some of the above-discussed accessories as well. It will further improve their Ebike experience since these accessories are focused on better riding comfort and safety, and some are great for carrying things around.

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