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The future of the transportation industry - Ebike

Speaking of ebike, people who use it love it, people who do not use it feel it or even gnash their teeth, feel that the people who ride it do not obey the traffic rules and seriously affect the traffic safety. Anyway, as a new means of transportation, the existence of ebike has undeniably affected the transportation system and personal life that we live in.

Development policy background of ebike
In March this year in Washington, D. C. National Bike Summit (national bicycle summit) on a guest basis put forward the Low-Impact Transportation Lane (low impact traffic) concept, said to advocate the American city to establish independent, protected, like lane wide roads, to let the regular bike, electric power bike and electric scooter sharing coexist.

The benefits of ebike
If more people replace cars with ebike, the environmental benefits will play a greater role. Given its battery volume and power, the ebike can still be considered the most energy-efficient and environmentally influential motorized vehicle in a short period of time. In addition, from the perspective of land use, the volume of ebike is much smaller than that of cars (including electric vehicles), and carrying the same number of passengers only needs to use part of the road area occupied by the cars under the same conditions (refer to Figure 5) to improve the efficiency of transportation land. Similarly, ebike has much less land demand for parking lots than cars, imagine that if all ebike users switched to driving cars, how much land would be converted into parking space?

After traffic and environmental impact, people are more concerned about or should be concerned about health problems. After experiencing the motorized process, highly mobile European and American countries gradually realize that traffic should not only pursue speed, but also need environmental protection and health. Once again, combined with the transportation modes that ebike may replace, if ebike replaces the travel modes such as walking and ordinary cycling. Although the effect of exercise is reduced, the distance for people to travel is greatly increased, the travel time is greatly reduced, and the efficiency is improved,if they replace cars, motorcycles, buses and other motor vehicles, users get a certain physical exercise and gain additional benefits from a fixed and potentially boring daily commute. From this point of view, although many people in academic circles believe that the replacement of electric bikes (subways, buses) is a waste of resources, electric bikes can provide the exercise effect and ride experience that the subway and buses do not have.

The most recommended ebike brand
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