May 26,2023

The 4 Things to Think About When Entering E-Bike World

There can be few better feelings in life than riding an ebike around town on a sun-drenched summer weekend. Yeah sex is cool, but have you tried coasting almost effortlessly at the perfect speed past shops and cafes and parks and sweltering sidewalks, natural AC blasting your body, tunes in your open earbuds, smartphone strapped on the handlebars, barely pedaling, no particular place to go, anywhere in a 60-mile radius your oyster?

Locked down for so long, I hadn't experienced the miles of sexy green protected bike lanes my neighboring city of Oakland has installed (and some of which its DOT is now threatening to rip out). This was now ebike heaven: All the vibrant culture and food of what we affectionately call Oaktown, starting to open up again after a tough year, and you're rolling past it faster than a lot of the traffic, but in the open air, where you can make eye contact, and smile, and stop at a sidewalk BBQ place, and chat with the flirty counter person about the magicycle's eye-grabbing fat tire design.

In the UK, where e-bikes are hotter than EVs, one sells every three minutes. 100 ebikes are sold an hour in the U.S. It's more than one per minute. And though America is lagging in its bike infrastructure, cities around the world are turning into cycle-friendly utopias that put even Oaktown to shame — most notably Paris, through which you can now take a dedicated cycleway along the Seine all the way to the Normandy coast. If you're looking to enter the ebike world, consider this coming 4 things.

1. Consider your ass.
Having just slammed some tires for being too fat to fit, let me proudly stand up for the rights of people like myself with larger-than-average posteriors. The Magicycle M9's saddle feels our pain; it's heavy but cozy. The upright posture you get from its handlebars is more pleasant, too. I was okay with leaning forward on, but there was no way I was riding on its regular seat, and immediately had it swapped out for the widest thing in the Magicycle webstore.

2. Choose color screen
like Magicycle M9 blue arrived with a color display for your battery percentage and mileage information-built in. it's gorgeous colour display that's easy to see even in bright light. It also shares a ton of info you need and it's even easier to read. if all ebikes cost the same price maybe like 1599$ ,I should choose the one which has color display.
3.You don't need that much power.
There is a fine line between e-bicycle and e-motorbike, and the  Magicycle M9 sidles right up to it. There's a throttle on the handlebar, like a demon on your shoulder, offering you the opportunity to go up to 28 MPH without pedaling. My advice: Don't touch it. The sudden lurch isn't worth it, especially in a bike lane situation where there might be a car door opening in your future. Save it for emergencies, like if you're out on the open road, or tired on your final uphill.
4.Manufacturers still don't know their market.
We are still in the very early years of the ebike revolution. The vast majority of potential buyers are still untapped. For all those can't-keep-them-in-stock sales, there is not one groundbreaking innovative design that matches the medium and the moment. No Model T Ford, no Tesla of e-bikes has yet taken hold of the market. I like to think that somewhere in some garage an inventor is tinkering with a design that is light and secure with moderately wide tires, a super-cozy newbie-friendly seat and handlebar setup, and plenty of options for low-level pedal assist.

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