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Six Steps for Quality Control

 Six Steps--- How We Do for Quality Control 


As I've mentioned in the last post, here I'd like to share you the six steps about how we do for quality control. We need to make it clear that quality is not limited to the product. Service is also significant when it comes to quality.

1. Quality standards.
In Magicycle, we set our own quality standards. Each department of our company has different quality control standards, and they all are objectively measurable. For example, when we make quality control standards for our customer service team, “reply customer's email s ASAP" is not a measurable standard. Measurable standards might be like “reply emails within 24 hours in business days”.
Also, another example for our factory. During the manufacturing process, every hour one inspector should be responsible for one certain procedure. He will do sample inspection and fill in an operation standard inspection sheet and then hand it over to three superior inspectors for signature confirmation. This actually takes quite a lot of time and effort but it's necessary if anyone ever wants to achieve Total Quality Management.
2. Focus
Of course, we want to ensure quality in all aspects of our operation but we still have focus so that we can optimize our energy on it. We focus on those that have the biggest effect on our customer experience. This enables us to get results quickly and also keeps our team from becoming overwhelmed.
For example, livechat has become a problem causing dissatisfaction and disappointment because sometimes we cannot reply in time on that platform. We are really sorry about that but it's actually a time zone problem that seems hard to address for us as a cross-border company. However, this must be addressed since it has brought our customers unjoyful shopping experience. Therefore, now we have more employees to cover a 24-hour online livechat customer service. It will be launched very soon after they get systematically trained!

3. Operational processes
  Remember the first day I joined our company, my manager told me that we were still a budding business and it's ready to set off if we perfect every procedure as we can. One of our core mission was to build up an operational management system for every department, among which customer service and factory should be the top concern at the moment. Therefore, we’ve build up standardized process for customer service especially for post-sale service and our factory also set up an excellent and stable management system.

4. Review of the results.
One thing I'm proud to share is that our factory inspects every bike before it leaves the factory, which, as we know, is not possible for most factories of other e-bike brands.

5. Feedback.
We appreciate all the feedback from our customers no matter it's praise or criticism. These both help us grow into a mature and reputable brand. Also, our employees in charge of the
customer service will regularly conclude and report their feedback based on their experience offering service to the customers.

6. Improvements.
Our Research & Development team is open and considerate. They are willing to listen to the precious feedback from both customers and other employees. Even sometimes the feedback is unprofessional or even seemingly unreasonable, they still would like to alter as they can as soon as it can bring better service and experience to our customers and make us a better brand.
These are the six steps about our QC work. Hope it helps you better understand our factory and our brand. Ride Fun, Ride Free!

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