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Simple DIY Electric Bikes Suspension Adjustments for Optimal Performance

There are many bikers who practice mountain e-biking regularly and do not pay attention to the adjustments or maintenance of their electric bike's suspension system.

It is a serious mistake, which is unforgivable if it is due to carelessness, since by dedicating a few minutes a week or every fortnight to this aspect, it is possible to extract the full potential of the suspensions, make the electric bike work better and thus increase the performance.

In this article, we are going to focus on explaining basic adjustments and maintenance of your suspensions.

The SAG or pre-subsidence

Adjusting the SAG or pre-sag of any suspension is essential, and practically mandatory if you want it to work reliably.

Steps to adjust the SAG of your suspension

You must make the adjustments based on your weight, suspension travel (or stroke, in the case of the shock absorber) and practised mode.

  • Step 1: Tools 

You will only need a specific suspension pump (one is not worth it to inflate the wheels) and a tape measure.

If the suspension does not have a rubber band tied to the bar, you should tie a zip tie, without tightening it too tightly, to serve as a guide.

  • Step 2: Open the compression dials

Leave the compression (usually blue) and rebound (red) suspension dials open as wide as possible.

  • Step 3: Get on top

Dress in your usual gear, including shoes, helmet, and hydration backpack if you usually carry one.

This will allow you to determine the correct SAG based on your actual weight during the ride or training.

  • Step 4: Check how much the suspension has sagged

Once you're on and sitting on the bike, the suspension will partly sag due to the extra weight of your body. It is time to get off it and examine how far it has sunk. A tape measure can be useful for this.

  • Step 5: Calculate the SAG percentage

The SAG of the suspension will be the distance between the stop or retainer of the damping bar and the rubber or guide. If you have a 100mm travel XC fork and the bar has sunk 15mm, its SAG will be 15%.

The formula is simple: You divide the distance the bar has sunk by the total travel of the suspension and multiply it by one hundred.

  • Step 6: Repeat this process once a month

Remember to write down the SAG percentage or pressures of each of your suspensions in a note to remember them for periodic adjustments. As a general rule, it is recommended to check the SAG and pressure every month.

Many mountain e-bike enthusiasts often overlook the crucial adjustments and maintenance required for their electric bike's suspension system. At Magicycle, we've got you covered with top-notch electric bikes solutions to elevate your riding experience. If you have any questions about any thing,  feel free to contact our 24-hour service. Explore our range today and take your e-biking to the next level!

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