May 26,2023

Our Own Factory

OUR OWN Factory--- Magicycle's Most Powerful Backing I
One thing we’ve been proud to share with our customers all the time is that we have our own factory, which is definitely the biggest support given to our brand.
With our own factory, we can improve our products promptly according to our customers’ precious feedback. For example, the other day some customers concerned about the spark problem of the battery. Our customer service reported this issue immediately when noticing it. In a professional angle, this is actually normal and will not cause danger. However, Wade, our brand founder, considered our customers' experience of high importance and it’s reasonable to do the best as we can to satisfy our customers. It took just 1 day to find out a solution—to improve the design of the battery box. This could never be done so fast if we are not the manufacturer ourselves. For other brands that don’t have their own factories, it could take months for the factory they collaborate with to react and make improvement.

This is just a glimpse of the strong support our factory provides. There are much more aspects that is remarkable about our factory, among which quality control(QC) is the CORE. Our factory has been trying to perfect their QC by following a system called TQM (Total Quality Management) with 6 steps.

Let's have a brief look what is TQM.

Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM is an entire management system focused on increasing customer satisfaction while continually reducing costs. It uses scientific methods for assessing quality, its associated costs and constraints to implementing improvement. TQM also requires a total systems approach where all functions, processes, and departments, and all employees at all levels, are integral to ensuring success – be it in manufacturing or delivery of services. Learning and adaptation to continual change are essential for achieving success.

 To maintain this high-standard QC system is never easy, but our Magicycle team, from low-level workers to the highest ranking executives, are all do our part well to achieve this. If you want to learn more about how we do this right in detail, check out the six steps in our next blog post.

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