May 26,2023

Magicycle Deer Giveaway - Come Check out Your Raffle Number

We know you guys can’t wait to watch the Livestream. There are only 2 days left! We are only 2 days away from the Livestream Deer Giveaway!! Magicycle has arranged everything and is ready to go anytime.

Below is the list of all the participants, please check it out to see if you are included:

Congratulations to everyone on the list for getting a great chance to win a Magicycle Deer. We already emailed a raffle number to each participant mentioned on the list. Please make sure you confirm the message. Once you don’t receive any message about the raffle number or you can’t find your name on the list when it should be, please contact us at or reach out to Magicycle’s 24/7 Livechat.

We will see you on the Livestream!

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