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New Feature Released: Talk to Electric Bike Experts of Magicycle for Maintenance Issues

Magicycle has been providing customer-oriented service since its inception. That is how it gains an increasing number of fans in such a competitive electric bike market. With this in mind, Magicycle has brought a distinctive feature that helps Magicycle fans to better fix any maintenance-related issues.

Talk to a Magicycle Technical Expert Online

Magicycle now is making it more accessible and available for its customers to troubleshoot maintenance issues related to their electric bikes. With the newly released feature, all Magicycle owners can get in touch with customer service or Magicycle’s technical experts via live broadcasts. All they need to do is make an appointment by submitting a request on Magicycle’s official website, then the Magicyle team will schedule a time to launch a Live Stream to answer all the questions.

So, How to Use the New Feature?

Let’s get to the point. Here is how Magicycle fans can use the new feature. All they need to do is fill out an online form and submit it. The basic information includes a name and email address. The email address should be valid and accessible so that Magicycle can get in touch with applicants successfully. Then, applicants need to select the model they would like to inquire about. If it is 2 or more models, they could be noted in the description.

Next, if applicants could recall when their bikes break down, they could set a time in the “when did your ebike break down” section. Of course, it is optional if they can’t remember the exact date.

The description section allows applicants to elaborate on the problems more specifically in 1000 words. Applicants can drop files in the description including pictures or videos, which can be great for the Magicycle team to figure out things easily. The final step is selecting a date for the appointment.

That’s all for the new feature. For more questions, Magicycle is always on call 24/7. Everyone could feel free to call Magicycle’s customer team. Here is the contact information:

Pre-Sale: Num: +1 213 900 7090; Email:

After-Sale: Num: +1 213-559-1861; Email:

As a rising ebike brand, Magicycle has released several ebike types, including electric beach cruiser and ebike suv, meeting the needs of all kinds of riders. It puts their service and product quality at the top of their list. This is the very faith that keeps Magicycle moving forward.

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