Mother's Day Gifts: Best Electric Bikes for Our Moms May 26,2023

Mother's Day Gifts: Best Electric Bikes for Our Moms

Do you know what important day is coming for all of us? Well, you are right, Mother’s Day. It is just around the corner. Are you ready to prepare a gift for your moms?

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to pick up an appropriate gift for our moms as we want to give her one that is both useful and special. Don’t worry, an electric bike might be the right gift you are looking for, which could be one of the best gifts for moms of all ages.

Why are ebikes good for your moms?

“Purchasing an ebike for my mom as a gift?” Somebody may find it a little bit weird. That’s because an ebike can look like a thing for the young. Well, below we will give you 3 reasons for that.

1. The health matters the most

To put it simply, ebikes are good for the health of our moms. I know they could get healthier by running, and riding a traditional bike, etc. To be honest, these types of sports can be really tedious and most of our moms would not love to do them.

However, if they ride an ebike, things can be more fun. Our moms can just pedal to any nearby destinations whenever they want. They won’t get tired or exhausted with the electric power, even though they are riding on challenging terrain. By riding an ebike, their overall fitness can be improved greatly.

Also, for moms who have arthritis, riding an ebike can help reduce the pressure placed on their joints. In this way, they can go out without worrying too much about their joints.

2. Easy commuting

If your mom visits the grocery stores on a daily basis, then an ebike is going to help a lot. She doesn’t have to drive a car whenever she is heading somewhere beyond walking distance. Just get on the bike, turn on the power, then pedal to go. Moreover, an ebike is easy to park wherever your mom is going. She just doesn’t have to find a place for parking where she won’t be fined by the traffic police.

3. Prevent potential disease

You may hear that quite a few times. According to research and statistics, riding an ebike does prevent potential diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. That’s because it improves the overall health of our lungs, hearts, and so on.

The truth is that many seniors, including our moms, find it difficult to look for a way of exercise that can help them get healthier while going easy on their bodies. Finally, most of them will just give it up and let the problems happen naturally.

An ebike plays a role in granting this kind of balance between getting fitness and doing exercise in a relaxing way.

Best Ebikes for Moms

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Army Green

Magicycle Ocelot Pro - As one of the best sellers from Magicycle, the Ocelot Pro comes with a step-thru frame design, allowing riders to easily get on and off. This bike is a wise option for moms who have problems with their knees or joints. They don’t have to swing over the bikes to get on.

The Ocelot Pro is equipped with a 52V 20Ah battery. The 20Ah indicates a longer range for an ebike. By having several tests, the Ocelot Pro can reach a range of 60 - 80 miles, which is totally enough for moms’ daily commuting.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro - Compared with the Ocelot Pro, the Cruiser Pro is bigger in terms of its frame and tires. Even though it could be heavier, it comes with a 750W powerful motor(1100W peak power), making this bike go faster than you expect. From my perspective, the speed of Cruiser Pro brings our moms the excitement that can only be found in the old days.

By the way, the Cruiser Pro has a 20Ah battery as well. Maybe it will not get the same range as that of the Ocelto Pro(because it is heavier), you can still expect a long range from it, which is estimated to be 60 - 70 miles.

Magicycle Deer - The Deer is the first full-suspension electric mountain bike from Magicycle. The full suspension system makes for a smooth and comfortable ride for people wherever they are riding. Maybe your mom may not use an ebike for off-road riding, it is still more comfortable to use the Magicycle on smooth city streets, nothing bad.

Magicycle Deer is the first Ebike SUV in the US. It is specially designed to be like an SUV and has a payload capacity of 400 lbs, which could be great for your mom to carry heavy stuff.

Final Words

We believe that owning an ebike can make your life even better. Hope we can see your mom ride an ebike with big smiles.

Magicycle has prepared the best special discounts for your moms. Buy one bike to get a free rear bag and 2 bikes to have $300 off. You know it is not going to last long. Come and save big!!!

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