May 26,2023

Make Your E-bike Yours! Upgrades You Can Make to Your Electric Bike

Waiting for couples of weeks you finally got a brand new e-bike in front of your house door. But at this moment, your e-bike is not your unique bike. Electric bicycles are largely customizable, with all sorts of e-bike accessories available to make your rides more comfortable, practical and safe. And after your upgrading, you finally make your e-bike truly yours.

In this guide to get your unique e-bike, several accessories are recommended for you. I have rode my Magicycle Midnight Step-thru for over 2000 miles and the accessories recommended will definitely improve your riding experience a lot. But it doesn't matter if your bike is a basic entry-level model or a top-of-the-line model. Nothing in the factory is right for you, and that's part of being happy. So read on for some fun and useful ways to enhance your e-bike experience.

1. A second battery 

Two types of e-bike battery designs lead the mainstream in the market: fix and removable. If the battery is fixed into the frame, there might be an add-on battery you can buy which will fit into on of the bottle cages. For those removable ebike models, it will be easy to swap as batteries on a toy.
The range of an e-bike should be listed in your considerations when you choose you e-bike from the market. As for Magicycle 52V battery, it allows you to go about 55 miles for one full charge officially stated. However that’s an ideal condition. When you ride outside you would ride with both pure electric mode and pedal assist mode so the range varies from 40-50 miles.

So believe it or not, range anxiety is real especially when the max range is lower than imagined. If you forget to charge the main battery and want to keep driving, it all comes down to knowing you take an extra battery which makes you feel more secure even though you might not use it.

2. New Comfortable Saddle
A second battery will ease your range anxiety while a new saddle will completely transform a bike. Unlike tires or brakes which transform how you ride your bike, a new saddle can transform your connection to the fat tire ebike. Always a midsize saddle is the standard which most e-bike brand equip their models with. Even if you buy a bike with a quality saddle, it may not be the right saddle for you. A good bike saddle should match the width of your hamstrings. It should be wide enough to provide the support you need, but not so wide that it interferes with pedaling.

The type of bike you're on also affects width of saddle. Some bikes will lean you forward so most of your weight is not from the behind the saddle. Other bikes will keep you upright, which requires you to put more weight on the saddle and a wider surface.

Magicycle step-thru is not a racing bike so it keeps me upright when I am riding. Bought from Magicycle accessories, I put a new oversized saddle on my bike. The most direct change that I felt after changed the saddle is that I can ride over 1 hour without feel any pain from my butt.

3. Suspension Seatpost 

A right saddle helps comfortable riding and will greatly extend your riding time. But still you can't avoid the exhaust after a long riding. If you are still looking for a more comfortable ride, a suspension seatpost is another easy solution.

The seat post is an often overlooked component when it comes to ride quality. For many people, the seat post is completely forgotten. However, when it comes to bike design, the seatpost is never overlooked. One of the most common features of road bikes is a thin, flexible seatpost, and when weight matters, it makes sense to go that far. However, electric bikes are a bit different.

With an electric bike, there is no need to count every gram. Arguably most bikes do, but when you have an electric motor to help you get up hills, the weight is gone. When weight isn't a concern, a suspension seatpost becomes the real deal. It is easy to install and offers excellent ride quality. Gravel bikes seem like the most obvious place to hang a seatpost, but city bikes are also a great option. You can practically float on rough roads with a suspension seatpost.

4. A quality lock 

8 gifts are sent to every Magicycle owners and one of them is a password lock, but even so, you still need a quality lock to well protect your e-bike from thieives. A password lock might scare away some timid bad guy, but it won’t be a barrier for those who are determined. Do remember get a quality lock and use it.

Regardless of what lock you choose, an important consideration should be taken. Given enough time, a thief can steal any e-bike. The point is not to prevent your bike from being stolen, which is impossible, the point is to make stealing worthless. Thieves can break cable locks silently in seconds, so choose locks that are visible and strong enough to require enough time and noise to break but become a target.

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