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Magicycle VS Rad Power RadRover 6 plus

Magicycle is entering the exciting and rapidly expanding world of off-road ebikes with the release of the Magicycycle cruiser ebike in the North America. Bringing great quality with affordable price, we are 100% confident that consumers would love our Magicycle ebike after they know more about us.  However, our brand awareness is low at this moment, to help customers better understand our ebike, we decided to compare our ebike with one of the longest standing and best selling electric fat bike in North America, the RadRover 6 plus of Rad Power Bikes.
There are five sections: Wining specs, Stats, Electrical , Mechanical and Physical, comparing two ebikes side-by-side based on their stated performance, something that you might be interested to know as a customer and then make a decision.


  Magicycle RadRover 6 plus
Motor Hub Motor 750W Torque 86Nm Hub Motor 750W Torque 80Nm
Pedal Assistant 7 Level 5 Level
Battery 780Wh 672Wh
Charger 52V 3A 48V 2A
Display Color LCD Simplified User Interface
Top Speed 28MPH 25MPH
USB Phone Charge Yes No



  Magicycle   RadRover 6 plus
Motor 750W Torque 86Nm 750W Torque 80Nm
Battery 52V 15Ah (780Wh) 48V 14Ah (672W)
Pedal Assist 7 Levels 5 Levels
Throttle Yes Yes
Top Speed 20 MPH(adjustable up to 28 MPH) 20 MPH (adjustable up to 25 MPH)
Range 35-60 miles per charge (PAS 2) 45 miles per charge
Size 1 available 1 available
Weight 72 lbs 73.4lbs
Gears 7 7
Lights Integrated front and rear lights (with brake light function) Standard front light, integrated rear light (with brake light function)
Display Full color LCD display with USB phone charge Simplified User Interface
Price $1589 $1999

Both ebike look quite similar, but when you dig deeper, you’ll find there are so many benefits but not limited to, the torgue of Magicycle increased 8% compared to RadRover 6 plus, it means higher torque enables you climb on hills without less effort. a large battery with 52V high energy helps you travel further on a single charge. While it would much easier to read the data on a color display, especially in the sunshine when you are enjoying the off-road. What’s more? The price of Magicycle is $200 less than the RadRover, you may wonder if poor quality material is used to reduce the cost, the answer is NEVER! With over 10 years of OEM manufacturing experience, quality is always the our priority! The two reasons that our ebikes are with better specs at lower price are: firstly, we are REAL manufacturer directly to consumers, We know some brands stated that they are consumer-directly, they still need to order from manufacturer, then sell to cusotmers, which is totally different us. Secondly, we are new brand, we offer the premuim quality with affordable price to gain the customers’ trust even without profit at the beginning.

  Magicycle RadRover 6 plus
Battery 52V 15Ah (750Wh) 48V 14Ah (672W)
Motor 750W Torque 86Nm
Brushless Rear hub motor
750W Torque 80Nm
brushless geared hub motor
Pedal Assist 7 Levels 5 Levels
Charger 52V 3Amp Fast Charger 48V 2Amp
LCD Screen Full color display with USB phone charge Simplified User Interface
Lights Integrated front and rear lights (with brake light function) Standard front light, integrated rear light (with brake light function)


  Magicycle RadRover 6 plus
Brakes Dual Action Mechanical Disc Brake Nutt hydraulic disc brakes

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