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Magicycle Anniversary Sale - Grab a Fat Tire Ebike and Save Big Money in 2023

Times change and it’s another anniversary for Magicycle, a gorgeous e-bike brand with years of experience behind them. Magicycle would love to thank all its fans for their love and support. Just as Magicycle itself always does, this ebike brand will start another round of sales promotion, read below for more details.

For this anniversary event, Magicycle is offering a big discount. If you purchase an electric bike, including one with other ebike accessories, you will get $100 off; And if you buy 2 or more electric bikes, the discount will increase to $300. By the way, combo sales share the same discount as buying 2 electric bikes.

Magicycle Fat Tire Ebikes for All Kinds of Riders

Magicycle has been offering a high-quality range of fat tire ebikes since its inception. They are made to exactly meet the changing requirements of all kinds of ebike riders. Below we will list some of them for you to make a choice.

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

The Cruiser Pro is one of the most classic ebike modes from Magicycle. It features fat tires, a 1100W powerful motor(peak power output), a large ebike frame, and a 52V 20Ah large lithium battery. As an electric cruiser bike, the Cruiser Pro can literally go anywhere at ease with its incredible power and long range, bringing a first-class riding experience.

Product Link: https://www.magicyclebike.com/category/magicycle-cruiser-pro

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

The Ocelot Pro serves as the first step-thru bike from Magicycle. Just like the Cruiser Pro, the Ocelot Pro is equipped with a 1100W motor, fat tires, and hydraulic disc brakes. What is quite different is that its frame is designed to be smaller for short riders. Moreover, the Ocelot Pro features a long range between 60 - 80 miles. This is a great electric bike for those who are still hesitating because of range anxiety.

Product Link: https://www.magicyclebike.com/category/magicycle-ocelot-pro

Magicycle Deer Full Suspension Ebike SUV

Magicycle Deer represents the latest technology of Magicycle. It is basically a full-suspension electric mountain bike. However, it is still the first ebike suv in the US, which serves as a new ebike model on the market. This sort of ebike is powerful, versatile, and of large load capacity, just like an SUV.

The Deer is equipped with a full suspension system, which provides great shock absorption from bumps while riding off-road. With a powerful motor, the Magicycle Deer can be ridden on any kind of terrain without getting stuck or slowing down.

Also, this amazing ebike has a load capacity of 400 lbs, allowing riders to carry heavy stuff. For this purpose, Magicycle has specially designed a longer rear rack that can make deliveries far more convenient.

Product Link: https://www.magicyclebike.com/category/magicycle-deer

Of course, the ebikes mentioned above aren’t all the products from Magicycle. You are welcome to check them out at Magicycle Official. The Magicycle Anniversary Sale runs from March 11th until the end of this month. If you still have any questions, just feel free to contact Magicycle at support@magicyclebike.com

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