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Magicycle, a Dreamboat Sweetheart

What makes a good girlfriend or boyfriend? Roses and chocolates on the Valentine Day? A birthday cake with your name engraved on the top? Surely, these matters count. Yet, as William Shakespeare has it, love is blind. In cultivating a healthy long-term relationship, it is necessary to identify outstanding characters of our partner and create beautiful memories with them. In this sense, Magicycle, as a virtual partner, has a sea of merits that we may draw lessons on.

⦁    You'll Always Feel A Strong Sense of Security
A good partner always got your back. Whenever you receive setbacks from work, feeling bad about ourselves, she would pet you, whispering “Hey, I'm here. You are the best boy I've ever seen. They're mad.” Like Magicycle would do, she takes you out on a ride, with whom you embrace breeze by the seaside while advance steadily and comfortably with the shake-proof tires and soft memory-foam seat saddle, holding you tight and dispelling the dark cloud above your head along with the wind. Late at night, she is highly protective towards you. Equipped with a tail light, she keeps you safe in cycling by wearing a rosy face. When you brake, she automatically reddens to warn back cars to keep a distance from you until escorting you to the home door safe and sound. What a girl.

⦁    Your Sweetheart Takes a Good Care of You
Magicycle knows best, offering the exact care at your need while you are on the go. She prepares a bottle of water on your electric bikes before seeing you off; she holds your key in the top tube bag in case you're locked outside of home; she puts your luggage in a proper place. A USB charging port is available on the display to save your dying phone, connecting you with the rest of the world. By doing so, Magicycle sets your hand and heart free in pursuing your dream journey. With Maggie, you can travel light with worries left behind, for she will take good care if it.  

⦁    Your Voice is Heard by the Other One
In-time positive response to each other makes a key to intimate relationships. Maggie (Magicycle) does this well. With excellent pre and after sales service connecting producers and customers, the mode of direct sale from the factory makes it possible for Magicycle to channel feedback from clients to producers directly and efficiently, through which customers' demand can be heard and attended just in time.   

⦁    She Won't Kidnap You in the Name of Love 
 Magicycle is highly customized. As a considerate companion who respects what you truly desire rather than imposes the so-called “things that are for your good”, compared with the commonly-seen 5-level mode, Magicycle has 7 levels on pedal assist available, which enables more choices and freedom in your cycling, adjusting to different terrains and moods. Whether you feel uplifted fancying a speeding on a flat, dull, empty road, or relish a sluggish afternoon wandering by the willow-lined riverbank under warm sunlight, Magicycle would make it happen. By the way, unlike the commonly-seen black & white display, Magicycle wears a color one, which serves you right even under an awful glare.

Magicycle is a sensitive and loyal partner in every way. Day and night, she is always by you side, witnessing your golden youth of vigor and vitality as well as walking towards the twilight of life holing your hands, irrespective of the turning of seasons. For there and now, all you need to do is to take her home.

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