May 26,2023

Long Range Electric Bikes — Magicycle Cruiser Pro and Ocelot Pro

Honestly and no boasting, as reflected from those 5-star reviews, we are so confident that Magicycle Cruisers are providing the best riding experiences to customers from both USA. However, Magicycle won’t stop growing! Recently, Magicycle launched an upgraded version of Magiciycle Cruiser — Magicycle Cruiser Pro! 

For both new, old, and potential customers who might not be clear about the differences, we are here to make those things crystal clear for all of you, just keep reading. 

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

Magicycle Ocelot Long Range Powerful Ebike

The Ocelot Pro are step-through fat tire electric bikes for sale that performs so perfectly that you can not judge it from its look. Here I am gonna list some wonderful features it has.

1. Strong Power

The motor of the Ocelot Pro has a torque of 96Nm. You may not understand what this number means, I would tell you its power is almost the same as that of a motorcycle. In other words, the Ocelot Pro could be a substitute for a motorcycle, enabling you to climb hills or slopes. And moreover, it is able to lead to a greener life without using gas as compared to motorcycles.

2. Hydraulic Brakes and Hydraulic Front Forks

To give our customers better, even the best riding experiences, Magicycle has equipped Ocelot Pro with both hydraulic disc brakes and a hydraulic front fork. I believe the pair of responsive brakes are familiar to you, but as for the hydraulic front fork, you may need more information. 

Compared with regular suspension forks, hydraulic ones provide smoothers rides while riding on uneven and bumpy roads. Combined with a suspension seat post, you will feel you are always traveling on smooth city streets even though you are in the wild. 

3. Longer Range

The integrated battery of the Ocelot Pro has a large capacity that provides a range of 60-80 miles, which is longer than most brands. This is a simple overview of Maicycle Ocelot Pro, for more related information, please check this blog:

Magicycle Cruiser Pro

Magicycle long range Pearl White Cruiser Pro

Literally, it is obvious that Magicycle has upgraded Cruisers, and you should know that the upgrade is applied to all the 3 models, mid-night blue step-over and mid-step-Thru and the Pearl White Step-Thru. As it is “pro”, we need to tell you exactly which parts of it are upgraded, so let’s get straight to the topic.

1. The Look of Magicycle Crusier Pro

To be honest, there is not any difference in terms of the look of both the Magicycle Cruiser and the Pro version. That is because the original design is designed perfectly by Magicycle itself and we believe that it can give our customers great comfort and a feeling of aesthetics, so we won’t make great changes to its look easily. 

2. Upgraded Battery

Compared with the original one, Magicycle Cruiser Pro’s battery has a much larger capacity. This is going to offer a range between 50-80 miles, which is long enough for most of you. And the fast smart charger makes sure it won’t spend too much time charging it, just 3-5 hours. Also, the active cooling system with a built-in fan prevents damage caused by overcharging, which is the same as any other chargers from Magicycle. 

3. Hydraulic Disc Brakes and a Hydraulic Suspension Front Fork

Like the Ocelot Pro, Magicycle Cruiser Pro is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a hydraulic suspension front fork as well. They are the same stuff and perform without any difference. 

Similarities and Differences between Ocelot Pro and Cruiser Pro


From the looks of them, the biggest difference is their size. The Ocelot Pro is smaller than Cruiser Pro and has a step-thru frame design. You can make a choice between them according to your height. 

Also, the Ocelot Pro’s handlebar is designed to be much more comfortable, which is in a butterfly shape and enables you a better riding position. Generally, Cruiser pro’s handlebar can also give you an appropriate riding position.


There are quite a lot of similarities between Ocelot Pro and Cruiser Pro. First, they are long-range ebikes for sale that have a large-capacity battery of 52V 20Ah and a top range of 80 miles. And both of them are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and hydraulic suspension front forks that provide a strong braking force and smoother rides respectively. 

Moreover, even though their frames are totally different, they are designed based on the CFS, which is the comfort frame system created by Maicycle and makes long-distance riding easy and effortless.

Last Words

With all the details mentioned above, you are able to have a better understanding of both Magicycle Ocelot Pro and Cruiser Pro. However, I am sure they are not enough for you to make a selection.

Many of our customers love riding so much that they would love to ride for a long time. In this case, they will have to prepare another battery, for which you will have to pay extra. So if you are looking for long-range ebikes for sale, both Magicycle Ocelot Pro and Cruiser Pro can be great fits as they have almost the same specifications. One of the most important things you need to consider is your height. If you are high enough, Cruiser Pro is your best friend. If not, then the Ocelot Pro will also give you the same and best experience!

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