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Is Riding an Electric Bike a Good Exercise? (2)

We demonstrated on the aspect of physiological change that riding e-bikes is a good way of exercise in our last article. But how e-bikes can be beneficial for exercising exactly? 
Ebike Extends Your Exercise Time 
According to studies of US researchers, e-bike riders usually spend more time on bikes than pedal bicycle cyclists. That's because bike users ride more frequently per week. Obviously, ebikes provide extra assistance for riders to pedal and thus they would prefer cycling when going outside, which is believed to be a green and healthy means of transport. Since the increasing amount of cycling time they have spent, e-bikers often travel longer distances than cyclists, thus getting a good chance to exercise.

Ebike Helps to Save Your Effort
There is evidence showing that e-bikes can elevate people's breathing and heart rates enough to get a meaningful workout. That is, you don’t have to work up a sweat pedaling your bike to achieve your goal of fitness, all you need to do is effortlessly take a longer commuting trip. A research paper demonstrated that those who rode conventional bikes and electric bikes almost get the same amount of physical exercise. In a word, the impact of the extra assistance was offset by longer distances and greater frequencies that e-bike users rode. Furthermore, the beauty of the e-bike is that it gives a rider choices: if you want, you can ride an e-bike just like you ride a regular bike. If you want a exhausted workout, you can get it. But you don't have to. An e-bike can give you flexibility.

Ebike Ensures You Take Moderate Exercise
Professor Ashley Cooper, former professor of Physical Activity and Public Health at Bristol University believes e-biking is a good way to get moderate-intensity activity. His research indicates that people who use e-bikes can gain moderate physical activity, which provides less intensity that traditional pedal bicycle. More importantly, riding an e-bike can improve cardiorespiratory fitness of people who were relatively inactive while not bringing them much pressure. It does help us with our health.

Ebike Makes You Enjoy Workout
Studies also show that ebikes appear to make exercise more approachable to those who are not avid exercisers. Take the Magicycle for example: with 7-level pedal-assist, the higher the level, the higher the power and the faster the speed. The electric power-assistant starts when the pedal is depressed, and automatically shuts off when you stop pedaling or when the brake is applied. Therefore, you can optimize your riding and enjoy the fun of cycling. A customer commented in Magicycle community, 'Me and my son took a ride down to the beach on the bike trail 27 miles all together today, what a blast!' By Joining the e-bikers, you will definitely experience great joy of exercise, especially cycling. 
If you have misconceptions about e-bikes, now maybe you have a fresh view. Do you want to experience the fun of e-biking while doing good exercise? Why not go and join Magicycle community? E-bikes will be a big help for you to get enough exercise.

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