July 03,2023

How Vital It Is to Stay Hydrated on Your Ebike During Summer!

Summer starts a while already, and with it comes the vacations and a lot of heat; if you plan to ride your e-bike to where it is boiling, like the beach, or you live in a city where the summer heat has no “mercy“.

Since we cannot control the weather, here are the tips and guides that you have to read; we have them for you and do not suffer with your e-bike in the very hot season and weather.

Dress appropriately

Only ride with your helmet in this hot season; wear a cap under your helmet to protect your head from the sun, wear ventilated clothing with UV protection, cover your arms with unique sleeves for the sun, and remember sunglasses. We have some clothing ideas for you.

Acclimatize and take care of the sun

fat tire cruiser

Try to ride early in the morning or late in the day, when temperatures are the coolest, and use your downtime to get used to the heat. For example, when you stop during the ride to regroup or for a mechanical breakdown, always look for shade, a shady route, and avoid standing in the sun. Always use sunscreen, and don't forget your neck, which is more exposed to the sun. The most useful tips of acclimatize and take care of the sun are to avoid heat and avoid exposure to UV light directly. Also, you may need to avoid direct sunlight to your battery. Here are some tips for protecting your batteries in summer.

Hydrate well

The body needs to replenish many electrolytes lost during the movement under the intense sun, so you should always take advantage of a bottle or two of liquid to fill your strength during your training or competition. 

Drink little by little and frequently during the ride, make sure you have enough to drink with you, and plan by knowing where you can get more drinks. Sodium helps your body retain the fluid you are drinking, so drink an electrolyte or isotonic drink and avoid plain water during the ride. Try to drink at 10 to 12 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. At the end of the ride, if you drink plain water, combine it with a meal containing protein, carbohydrates, and sodium. Magicycle also has different types of water bottles matching your e-bike, providing all your needs. One of our customers, Mandel Gresham said that: "I have been buying a bunch of water bottles for traveling. I finally got this one that perfectly met my size, looks, leak-proof and handiness requirements. Highly recommend it!"

To maintain good hydration, it is important to consider some aspects, such as the duration of the training or competition and the weather. The more hours the training requires and the hotter the weather, the higher the hydration should be. For healthy hydration, you must stay hydrated. And besides the water, prepare some snacks to supply energy for longer rides.

Sports drinks

Sports drinks are the perfect complement to keep you adequately hydrated during every workout. They contain the electrolytes and nutrients needed to replenish the energy lost due to overexertion during and after every ride. But you must be careful if you; avoid having diabetes drinks high in sugar unless your glucose levels are shallow during the competition. Choose the drink according to your health condition.

Last but not least, cool down during the ride; if your body temperature rises too much, your performance may be affected, your heart rate will be higher, and in an extreme case, you may suffer heat stroke. In these cases, pour cold water over your neck and forearms; seek shade and take a short break if necessary. 

Besides water bottles, Magicycle has covered with various accessories. For repairs, we have a toolkit; For a better riding experience, we have pannier bags, seat-posts, and saddles for upgraded e-bike riding; For safety, our smart helmets offer protection for your heads; All-new accessories are arriving. Subscribe to us, and you will be updated for the first time. Please check on our ebike accessories. Stay tuned, we will keep updated news or information about e-bikes every day!

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