How to Select the Appropriate Size of Ebike for Your Needs? July 03,2023

How to Select the Appropriate Size of Ebike for Your Needs?

As a beginner who looks forward to a new bike, how to choose the right size of e-bike that fits your need is a fundamental question, whether you are looking for road bikes or mountain bikes because it represents not only greater comfort but also better sports performance and even more significant health protection. That's why Magicycle wrote down this guide to help you choose the right e-bike size. 

Why you should choose the best bike size

First, Spinal problems, back pain, and even knee problems are some consequences of using the wrong-size bike. In addition, if you want greater comfort and better performance, you must consider your style and goals, which can help you choose the most appropriate option.

Moreover, an e-bike is an investment that can be considerable, even more so if you use quality brands and components, so it's best to make the right choice. And while it can sometimes be tricky to figure out your ideal bike size, this guide is intended to help you make the right choice.

How to determine your size

ebike cruiser

You need to know some terminology before determining the bike size. There are two main measurements: the seat tube length and the top tube length. But this is also one of the most common mistakes when choosing a bike size is to look for a bike size by height, which could be more accurate. In reality, it has been proven that a person's size does not always represent the exact leg measurement, which is an essential factor to take into account when choosing the size of our bike.

That is why the first step should be to take your inseam measurement. To do this, you have to stand up, preferably against a wall or vertical surface, with your knees straight and your legs very slightly open, just enough to introduce a ruler, book, marker, or some other long and thin object at the limit of your crotch, parallel to the floor, to mark on the wall the point at which your crotch reaches.

Having this point as a reference, you must measure the distance from it to the floor, and in this way, you will get your crotch size. That is, if the distance from the bottom to the marked point is 80 centimeters, we will take this distance as the measurement of your inseam.

Now, we will show you some simple formulas by which you can obtain the recommended bike size, although these are universal rules that only apply to some cases.

EBike frame size

What manufacturers refer to as the size or sizes of an e-bike is directly related to the frame's dimensions, which is why it is crucial to understand how it is measured.

The base distance is the distance from the center axis, the bottom of the frame, where the chainrings go, and the measurement of this vertical tube to the top, which ends where the seat post is placed.

This distance is usually stamped on the frame of the e-bike, and in most cases, it is precisely on the vertical tube that is taken as a reference. If there are two numbers, the smaller one is the measurement in inches, and the larger one, usually with an apostrophe, is the distance in centimeters.

E-Bike Wheel Sizes

Suppose you asked for an adult e-bike model. Generally, it is equipped with 26-inch, 27.5-inch, or 29-inch wheels.  

Calculating mtb and road bike sizes

The next step is to know the ideal recommended frame size according to our physiognomic characteristics. This also depends on the type of bicycle we are considering.

Magicycle provides all kinds of different use models of e-bike

Magicycle Cruiser Pro:

Magicycle Cruiser Pro is our best-selling series of long-range fat tire electric bikes; it comes with a 52V 20ah battery which makes it run 80 miles range per charge; as an electric cruiser bike, it supports both pedals assist and throttle and can go 28 mph suitable for every age range of adults.

Magicycle Cruiser:

Magicycle Ocelot Pro:

Magicycle Ocelot:

And we have more waiting for you to find out:

And for each model, Magicycle will include the relevant dimension table to you to choose better.

We hope these recommendations will be helpful for you in finding your ideal bike size; in any case, if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to participate. Thank you for always being with us. For more information, please click here to check.

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