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How to Make Ebikes Go Faster? Here Are 6 Methods for You

Electric bikes have been well-known as a new green means of transportation, taking place of gas-fueled vehicles. Despite the truth that they are efficient and produce zero carbon emissions, they can not run as fast as a vehicle. However, it couldn't be the reason that you give up buying an ebike as it is possible for you to make electric bikes for adults go faster than you expect. So, let’s get to the topic directly.

A Few Words of Caution

It is well-known that electric motors provide a power source for electric bikes, meaning that the speed of ebikes mostly depends on electric motors. And they have a huge impact on how we are going to increase ebike speed. Also, most electric bikes have speed limiters, which can be turned off or adjusted according to your own needs.

Moreover, before trying to increase the speed of your ebikes, you need to be clear about the local regulations and laws concerning ebike speed. All you do for your ebikes to go faster will go in vain if it is not allowed by the local government.

6 Methods to Make Your Ebikes Go Faster

There are a variety of methods to increase the speed of your ebikes, here I am going to go through them one by one below.

1. Program the Settings

Magicycle Ebike Colored Display

As I mentioned above, most ebikes for sale will come with speed limiters, restricting the max speed your ebikes can go up to. This is all for your safety and allows you to adjust the speed according to local regulations.

However, no matter what kind of speed limiters your ebikes have, they must be designed to be adjustable. Taking Magicycle as an example, we can get into the menu of the display to program the speed limit. It can go from the highest speed of 28 mph to the lowest one off 8 mph, meeting different speed requirements.

If you are still not clear about how to program the Magicycle ebike setting, please check the video link below:

2. Choose batteries of higher voltage

Magicycle Cruiser Pro with a large capacity battery

The second way is to have batteries of higher voltage. The battery of an ebike acts like a power source for the motor. And voltage contributes a lot to the speed. Basically, the higher voltage your battery has, the more speed and power you will get from it.

So, when it comes to choosing an ebike battery, you need to take the voltage into consideration, and of course, there are a variety of batteries out there that have a higher voltage. But most of them have only 14Ah or 15 Ah, which means you may not be able to get both long-range and higher speed.

However, if you got a Magicycle Crusier Pro, things will be quite different and better. Its battery has a high voltage of 52V, providing an increased speed for your ebikes and making them more powerful. What is more incredible is that it has a large capacity of 1040Wh, offering a max range of 80 miles. With this battery, you can just go further and faster. Check the link below to take a look:

3. Change Your Motor

Another method to make your electric bikes faster is to swap out your ebike motors. Basically, we use watt and torque to measure how powerful a motor is. No matter what kind of motor you will choose, just select the ones that are of high watts and torque.

For example, the 750 watts and 96 torque motor on Magicycle Cruiser Pro can make the bike go up to 25km/h. The 96 Nm torque is equivalent to that of an 800cc fuel motorcycle.

4. Get less weight on your ebike

Magicycle Cruiser and Cruiser Pro

Weight is a huge factor when it comes to going faster on your ebike, especially when you are trying to climb hills at a higher speed. The lighter you and your ebikes are, the faster you can for less effort. You can swap out some components, or change your tires, just make sure you are not going to sacrifice the durability in the name of getting less weight. And maybe you can lose some weight too by riding a little bit more or changing your diet.

5. Change your Tires

If your ebikes come with off-road or mountain ebike tires, then you can swap them out to road tires. Basically, road tires are smoother and have lower rolling resistance. If your ebikes got knobby tires, you can just change them to slick ones. With less rolling resistance, the speed of your ebike will reach a higher level.

6. Change Your Riding Posture

Best Long Range Electric Bike

If you don’t feel like making some changes to your ebikes, then we recommend you to adjust your riding posture, which is going to be simple and easy. But how? Here I should explain that.

If you are riding with you straight back, you will face the air like a wall, producing more resistance. And all of you guys know that resistance decreases ebike speed greatly.

Therefore, we recommend riding your ebike in a bending or crouching posture. By doing, you can get less resistance and higher speed on your ebikes.

Okay, above are the 6 methods for you guys to make your ebike go faster. I know it is tempting to ride an ebike at a high speed, which is exciting and awesome. But, as we always emphasize, safety is the top priority. Ride Free, Ride Fun.

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