May 26,2023

Fastest Electric Bike for Sale 2022

One of the most trendy new ways to get around town, neighborhood or somewhere else is on one of the fastest and best ebikes. These battery-powered electric bikes can provide you a powerful boost if needed, which makes it effortless to climb up hills and travel longer distances. 

Which feature should be considered the most while buying an ebike?

For many ebike riders or potential buyers, the first and the foremost factor they would take into account while purchasing an ebike is speed. However, it doesn't mean you can always ride at a top speed.

How fast can an electric bike legally go?

When riding a traditional bike, most riders can reach a top speed of between 7 mph to 10 mph. However, when you install a motor into the mix, things will become quite different.

In Europe, ebikes with a 250W motor and a max speed of 15.5 mph are regarded as traditional bikes. But those with a more powerful motor, typically a 500W motor and that are able to reach a speed of up to 28 mph, are classified as speed pedelecs.

What is a speed pedelec? From a legal point of view, pedelecs are normal bicycles. Since the 1st, January 2017, a speed pedelec is categorized as a moped because they are so powerful. Pedelec riders should be at least 16 years old, have a driving license, and display license registration plates on their pedelec.

Taking the UK as an example, in the UK, riders with speed pedelecs have to register themselves with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), wear a helmet, and possess insurance and a driving license. In the United States, riders with ebikes are only allowed to ride at a speed of up to 20mph. With such limitations, the type of ebike that really suits you must be one that is adjustable in terms of speed.

Which electric bike to select?

Magicycle 52V powerful fat tire ebikes must be your first choice. This is a true machine when it comes to electric bike technology. It has a max speed of 28mph and is equipped with a motor controller allowing you to adjust the speed whenever you want. Also, it is a real mountain ebike. It has a front suspension fork and 52V 780Wh lithium-ion battery with a range up to 55 miles! So if you still hesitate to buy a fastest ebike in 2022, Magicycle ebike is exactly what you are looking for!

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