How to Fix an Electric Bike Throttle? Here Are the Solutions! July 07,2023

How to Fix an Electric Bike Throttle? Here Are the Solutions!

In recent years, the sales of electric bikes have been skyrocketing. More and more people in the United States are riding electric bikes for commuting. However, as electric bikes are tricky vehicles, most of us don’t know what to do to fix them when our electric bikes don’t work normally, especially when the throttle is not working. So, if you are experiencing issues with your throttles, here are some solutions for you to follow before you resort to a local store, which can cost some money.


1. Potential Problems and Corresponding Solutions
    1.1 1. Get Jammed
    1.2 2. Loose Throttle Cable
    1.3 3. Brake Sensor Failure
2. How to Replace an Electric Bike Throttle
    1.1 1. Get Yourself a New Throttle
    1.2 2. Prepare a correct Allen Wrench and Disconnect the Throttle
    1.3 3. Remove the Throttle
    1.4 4. Install the New Throttle
    1.5 5. Give It a Test

Potential Problems and Corresponding Solutions

There are many factors that can affect the functioning of electric bike throttles, below are all of them:

1. Get Jammed

Electric bike throttles may be jammed and stuck with dirt, sand, etc., which is a usual issue. A jammed throttle can’t respond when the rider is twisting, and it is even not possible to adjust the speed with that throttle.

To get this fixed, all you need to do is remove the throttle and clean it. Make sure you use a dry soft cloth instead of a wet one in case there will be a short circuit.

2. Loose Throttle Cable

You may find that your throttles are not responding normally, and this could be an issue with loose or disconnected cables. Also, if possible, the internal wiring can be broken as well.

While encountering this issue, you just need to get your throttle cables connected appropriately. If it is the problem of the internal wiring, maybe you can do nothing but ask help from an ebike expert, unless you are a technician yourself.

3. Brake Sensor Failure

When the rider applies brakes, the motor will stop working. That is how a brake sensor comes into play. However, if the sensor isn’t working, the throttle can stop functioning as well.

When a brake sensor fails, the brake levers can possibly malfunction. If not, you should check out the wiring to ensure a good connection. You may need to get yourself a new brake sensor if there is nothing wrong with the old one.

How to Replace an Electric Bike Throttle

It is not that difficult to replace a throttle if you strictly follow the steps below:

1. Get Yourself a New Throttle

First thing first, you must get yourself a new throttle. If your electric bikes are still under warranty, be sure to contact the ebike brand first to see if you could get one from them. If your electric bikes are covered by warranty or it has expired, you can go to local suppliers. Most electric bike throttles can match any ebikes, but you’d better double-check by asking the supplier, who may be more pro than you.

2. Prepare a correct Allen Wrench and Disconnect the Throttle

Once you’ve got the throttle, you are ready to go. Take a look at what kinds screws are holding the old throttle, and get a correct Allen wrench, or you could prepare a toolbox in case there are some specific tools needed. Then, loosen all the screws and make sure they won’t be missing.

Then you just need to disconnect the throttle. Grab both sides of the plugs and pull them apart. It could be a little bit tight sometimes, and you could try to use more force to do that.

3. Remove the Throttle

Now that you’ve done everything mentioned above, you are supposed to remove the throttle easily.

4. Install the New Throttle

If you have removed the old and faulty throttle successfully, you will know how to install a new one. You should note that the new throttle must be in the right position to work. Try to get it in the right place if you don’t want to remove a throttle all over again.

5. Give It a Test

Once everything is done, you could try out the new throttle to see if it fits or works normally. Any adjustments can be made based on your own needs.

If you don’t feel like doing all this by yourself, you can just get to ebike dealers near you, which can save you a lot of trouble.

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