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How Do You Know When Your Ebike Battery Needs to be Replaced?

With the significant advances in ebike technology over the last few years, electric bikes are made to last longer than we expect, including ebike batteries.

People used to worry much about ebike batteries due to reported ebike fires and their short battery life. Obviously, the immature technology of ebike batteries led to those concerns. Nowadays, those concerns are not necessary as battery technology has improved greatly, especially the BMS (battery management system).

However, no matter how powerful the technology is, your ebike batteries can break down or age, and you possibly don’t realize that. Well, to make your ebikes perform as well as they did when they first arrived at your door, here we will tell you when your ebike batteries need to be replaced.

1. Test the Range of Your Electric Bikes

The range of electric bikes is the best indicator of the performance of an ebike battery. I am asking you to replace your ebike batteries once you see a decrease in their range. That’s not the way we are supposed to do it. If you can’t cover the same distance as you used to on your ebike, let’s say, the range is going down from 40 miles  - 20 miles. Well, that might be an unacceptable decrease, especially if you are covering the same distance every day.

A battery can be costly, so you must think twice before rushing to replace it. You could do a simple test: fully charge the battery, then take a ride around to drain the battery completely. When it totally died, check out the distance it covered. The final step is to decide whether to replace it or not.

2. Slower Charging 

Another sign that indicates your ebike battery might be coming to the end of its lifespan is the longer charging times. If you notice that your battery takes significantly longer to recharge fully than it did when it was all-new, it may suggest that the cells within the battery pack are no longer holding their charge efficiently. This can further indicate a need for a replacement.

Normally, it takes about 4 - 7 hours to fully charge an ebike battery. (The number varies based on the battery capacity and the charger.) If it takes almost a half day to fully charge a battery, then it could be a battery or charger issue. To confirm that, you could take an alternative charger(if available) to charge the battery to see if it takes less or the same time as before.

3. Slower Speed

Whether you are riding at full speed or using PAS, you could keep an eye on the speedometer. Maybe you can hit the top speed in 10 seconds on flat ground, but now you are noticing that it takes longer than that to reach the top speed, or worse than that,  fail to get that speed, it could be time to take the investigation.

Even though it can be many factors, the battery must be the first suspect. When it is aging, its performance must drop inevitably, which will possibly lead to a speed decrease.

4. Physical Damage or Swelling

If your ebike battery is not integrated with the frame, then it can be damaged due to external factors. Inspect your ebike battery regularly for any signs of physical damage or swelling. If you notice bulging, leakage, or visible damage to the battery pack, it is crucial to replace it immediately for safety reasons. Damaged or swollen batteries can pose a risk of malfunction or even fire hazards.

Take Good Care of Your Ebike Battery

Without any doubt, the health level of an ebike battery can have a huge impact on the bike itself. It is the exact reason why you should take good care of your battery. Read Magicycle blog to see how you main your ebike battery.

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