magicycle bike reviews May 26,2023

Fat-Tire Series (3) Electric Hunting Bike, Best Substitute for ATV

Gas prices are surging at a record pace in America due to the Biden administration's sanction on Russian oil in response to the country's war on Ukraine. Now, it's rare to see gas under $4 a gallon in some parts of the United States, and the price even reaches up to $5.44 a gallon in California. Unfortunately, the price is not going to slow down its increase quickly in the days to come. When the ever-increasing gas price blunts our enthusiasm for hunting, why not try our product, the All Terrain Electric Bike. This Magicycle fat tire product not only costs you less but also brings you more benefits compared with that of ATV.

⦁    More Economical Than ATVs
With the increase of the gas price, hunting on an ATV becomes an expensive activity. To be honest the Electric bike sales are improving due to the ever-increasing gas price. Now the gas price exceeds $4 a gallon in some states, which only gets 30 mpg for a car. However, a fully charged Ebike can go 30 miles and only cost you less than a dime. 

⦁    Suitable For All Terrains
 Fat tires were originally designed to trek over snow. With the evolution of technology, Now e-bikes with fat tires can travel on almost all terrain, such as mud, gravel, dirt, fallen brush, steep hills, and more. The fat and puncture-resistant tires can protect your safety. And compared with ATV, Ebike is smaller enough so it can traverse any places that cars can’t. The ability to travel smoothly over any terrain already makes fat tire Ebikes the better choice than other vehicles for people like hunting.

⦁    Quite Enough Not To Disturb The Animal
Most ATVs don’t have sound insulation installed and the engine is left mostly uncovered, which makes them noisy especially when you are riding it. However, wild animals are very sensitive about sound, even footsteps could scare them away. So, we need something that makes less noise. The answer is Ebike, especially the type with fat tires designed for hunting. This kind of hunting bike creates little noise quieter than footsteps and animals are not familiar with the sound.  

⦁    More Lightweight Than ATVs
Compared with regular bicycles, Fat Tire Ebikes cannot be called lightweight due to the powerful motors, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, premium components, sturdy frames, and rugged fat tires. However, they are lightweight in comparison to some off-road vehicles. Most e-bikes weigh close to 70 pounds, while ATVs weigh around 10 times that of e-bikes. You may come across a fallen tree while hunting with an ATV or Ebike in the woods, it’s easy for you to lift a fat-tire Ebike and then pedal but impossible to lift an ATV.

Hunting on an ATV is indeed easy and convenient to carry a quarry. However, a fat-tire Ebike can enter public lands roads where an ATV can’t reach. It costs less but can run farther and is quieter than ATV, which is important when hunting. In addition, being lightweight and portable, Fat-tire Ebike is always the best substitute for people like hunting.

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