May 26,2023

Fat Tire E-bikes Serie (2): Open Up More Possibilities

In recent years, electric bikes have gained much popularity among bicycle riders, and more and more people are interested in owning one. However, many questions are raised when they consider picking the right one for themselves. For instance, do I need a fat tire or thin tire? For riders who don't know e-bike a lot, that is a point that deserves much attention since the difference between the two types means a lot to them.

Here is the introduction of the two kinds of tires. Commonly, thin tires are usually between 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width, while fat ones are typically 3.8 inches or larger.

Fat Tire:
Fat tires of elecrtirc bikes are designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft and uneven surfaces, such as mud, snow and sand. So it can accommodate almost all terrains. Magicycle is precisely equipped with such types of tires. With 4-inch-wide tires (super-fat tires), Magicycle is suitable for all kinds of terrains. The following is the analysis of fat tire's advantages and disadvantages.

It has better riding performance on various terrains. As it is specially designed for soft and unstable ground, it can fairly well adapt to dirt roads, deep mud, rocky trails, beaches, wet surface, etc. Adventurers would be glad to know this because they can explore more scenery with their ebike.

It can provide a more stable, safe and comfortable riding experience. When the tire is wide enough, it will contact more surface area on the ground and then provide stronger traction than a skinny tire. It also provides cushion and shock damping which can keep balance of the vehicle.

With some components (frame, rim, axles) bigger than thin tires, it is harder to handle. And it may not be easy to push or lift it into a car or lug it upstairs in your apartment. It may not fit in standard bike racks for parking or carrying on a car. Thus, you need to prepare a special storage garage for it.

Thin Tire:
Skinny tires are designed for higher rolling rates so that the cyclists can experience the joy of high-speed traveling. Compared to the fat tire, it has other distinctions.

Because of its streamlined shape, it is able to cut through the air more easily. Besides, the pressure that the width of tire exerts makes it easy for riders to handle. Hence the commuting trip could be more efficient.

Using less rubber, the thin tire is lighter than thicker one, so it is ideal for almost anyone to ride. Also, people can fold the e-bike freely and carry it in a car. 

It is not good for soft and uneven roads. And because it has less traction than a fat tire, it is likely to slip over on icy or wet surfaces. Then the risk of having accidents is higher.

With light-weight and less traction, the brakes of e-bikes with thin tires need to be applied very gently so that the bicycle itself  can keep balance.

Magicycle: Brings Endless Possibility 
For most people, a thin-tire ebike is more like a conventional bike equipped with an extra assisting set. There is not much difference between it and a regular mountain bike if without an engine. If you hold that a thin-tire one is enough to meet your need to have commuting trips, then maybe you need to give it a second thought. Imagine that, one day when you are ready to ride a bike to work but surprisingly find the road surface is wet because of the rain or sprinkler, then the thin-tire may not be that perfect. It is easy for you to slip and fall down. Now the fat tire will distinguish itself. Why not give a look at Magicycle? Its 4-inch wide, non-slip, puncture-resistant tires are excellent for rainy days, which guarantees your safe riding.

If you are afraid that it would be difficult for you to control, don't worry, Magicycle has a 750 W high-powered motor which enables you to use less energy. What's more, with up to 55 miles of range from Magicycle, you can ride a long distance, burning more calories than ordinary products.

If you want to be an adventurer to enjoy more splendid views of the big world, start it with Magicycle. Trust me, it will open up more possibilities for you.

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