May 26,2023

Electric Bike Motors: Everything You Need to Know

It is no secret that the motor is the most important part of the electric bike. People who often ride electric bikes know that whether an electric bike is good or not depends mainly on the motor.

There are different kinds of motors that you can find fitted on electric bikes. Most modern electric bike motors are placed at the bottom bracket (in between the cranks), while they can also be positioned within the hub of the rear wheel. This latter positioning is generally found on cheaper electric bikes.
Electric bike motor types
Hub motors VS. Mid-drive motors
Front and rear-mounted motors are called hub motors because they’re mounted in the hub of the wheel. After the power is turned on, the motor converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy, thereby driving the wheel to rotate, driving the vehicle forward.

Middle-mounted motors are called mid-drive motors because they sit where your pedals connect, in the middle of the electric bike. The advantage of the mid-mounted motor is that it can maintain the front and rear balance of the electric bike to the greatest extent, and will not affect the shock absorption, and the motor will be less impacted by the road surface on bumpy roads.

To sum up, geared hub motors have more efficient energy utilization than direct-drive motors, which corresponds to a wider riding range.

Brushed motors VS. Brushless motors
Brushed motors are old-fashioned motors that require more maintenance during use. Carbon brushes and commutators should be consumable parts. The carbon brushes of the motor must be replaced regularly. If the replacement is not done in time, sparks will damage the commutator. In addition, it consumes a lot of energy, and the sparks generated during operation are also relatively large, which are easily burned out and caught on fire.

The brushless motor, as a new generation of electric bike motor, has a favorable starting point, strong climbing performance, no noise during electric bike driving, and the brushless motor does not need to replace the motor carbon brush, even if the components in the motor are damaged, there is no need to replace the motor. These are the ones we at Magicycle use in all of our electric bikes. Magicycle offers no friction or power loss with a brushless motor, saving great energy during your uphill riding.

In summary, brushless motors are stronger than brushed motors, but whether it is a brushed motor or a brushless motor, daily maintenance measures need to be taken so that they can be used for a longer time.
A motor of high power/ high voltage?
Apart from the types of motors, the power and voltage are vital in their performance.

Generally speaking, the greater the motor power of the electric bike, the faster the speed.

Secondly, the higher the voltage, the longer the range. According to the formula: power=voltage*current, for the same power motor, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current, and the longer the discharge time. Besides, If the motor power is too small, it will cause the motor to be overloaded for a long time and even to be burned.

Thirdly, a high-power motor can save charging time. If other factors are not considered, the greater the charging power, the shorter the charging time.
Which electric bike motor is best for me?
So, of all the types of e-bike motors out there, which one suits you best? Each person’s needs are different and therefore their motor choice will need to be reflected in their needs. If you are looking for a relatively comprehensive electric bike motor, we have one for you—Magicycle provides not only stronger power, and faster charging, but also long range.

The 52V voltage offers faster acceleration than the common 48V or lower motor on the market. The top speed of the Magicycle can reach 28 miles per hour or about 45 kilometers per hour.

And because of the 52V 3A fast charge, the charging time (from 0% to 100%) only takes 3-5 hours compared to the 48V 2A charging time of other brands on the market which exceeds 5 hours or even 7 hours. Last but not least, up to 55 miles of range, go for a fun ride with Magicycle this weekend!

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