September 21,2023

Effective Methods for Safely Transporting Electric Bikes in Your Car

Imagine what if you are going to participate in a competition and you have to transport your electric bike in the car. Or you want to take your two-wheeled friend to your vacation destination and the only way to do it is by using your vehicle.

Travelling with your e-bike in the car is sometimes a real headache. We don't want the e-bike to not suffer any knocks during transport and, at the same time, we do not want to compromise safety while driving.

In this article, Magicycle wants to tell you several ways to transport your electric bicycle in the car, but first, you should know that travelling with your bike on your back always requires some forethought and that you also think about where and how you are going to store it when you arrive at your destination.

First of all, electric bicycles may never protrude beyond the width of the car, including the mirrors.

Neither in the trunk nor in the row of seats, we must clarify that we have ruled out the system of carrying the bicycle inside the vehicle, either in the trunk or placed in the interior seats with the seats folded down. In addition to being dangerous for the occupants, the bicycle can be damaged.

In the roof

It is ideal if you have a sedan-type car. In principle, it is a good place to place it, although you will have to pay close attention to underpasses, garages, etc., due to the new height of your vehicle.

You can choose between a system in which the front wheel is removed and the bicycle is held by the fork tips, or another that uses a rail on which the entire bicycle is attached and the frame is supported by two arms. The drawback of the latter is that the frame can be scratched.

At the tailgate

Cheap and easy to install, this system is added to the vehicle from the back and, depending on the model, up to four e-bikes can be transported. Of course, forget about visibility through the rear window and remember that you will not be able to open the trunk with loaded electric bikes. In addition, ebike can be damaged by contact with each other.

On a ball carrier

Although it is a more expensive system, it is comfortable and allows access to the trunk. It consists of assembling a bike rack for our car that usually carries four bicycles. Remember that, to circulate, you must uninstall it when it is empty. It includes a license plate and its own lights.

In a trailer

It is the most recommended method if you have to transport many bicycles. The trailer is attached to the vehicle safely, although it is the mode that will most affect your driving due to the increased dimensions. They have their own license plate and lights.

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Basic Tips

To avoid compromising your safety and that of the rest of the vehicles, and to avoid sanctions and immobilization by traffic officers, remember that:

You need to make sure that the bike is properly gripped, otherwise, you could cause a serious accident and also damage it.

Make sure your visibility is compromised as little as possible.

Don't forget that bicycles can never protrude beyond the width of the car, including the mirrors.

If the electric bicycles occupy the entire width of the vehicle, two plates must be placed, each one at one end of the load.

How does it affect driving?

Transporting your bicycle in the car has a series of effects when driving. This is what you should keep in mind:

More fuel consumption

Keep in mind that driving while carrying your bicycle will increase the weight of the load and increase air resistance , two factors that directly affect the increase in fuel consumption that your vehicle will make.

It's not an increase that's going to burn a hole in your pocket, but don't be shocked if, at the end of the trip, you go to a service station and the bills don't work out.

Watch the tires

Regardless of the transportation method you choose, remember that the bike will increase the weight of the vehicle. Before starting your trip, check the tire pressure to make sure it is correct, or you will dangerously increase the braking distance and increase the risk of punctures and blowouts.

Avoid sudden changes

With more weight and more dimensions, your driving must change. Be moderate, take corners with caution and, in urban sections, watch out for jumps over speed bumps.

In addition to reducing the danger of the trip, you will reduce your fuel bill and do less damage to the environment.

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