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Ebike Myths Busted: 7 Common Misconceptions about Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are here to stay, bringing a lot of benefits to people of all ages. We found out that more and more traditional bike riders have shifted to ebikes and that a whole bunch of ebikes are around us when we look around. However, not everyone can accept these machines of happiness as they have different misconceptions about ebikes.

Some people get those misconceptions from someone else, while others just think so even though they never try ebikes by themselves. Any, I guess you guys already know what this article is written for. We are going to shed some light on the most common misconceptions surrounding electric bikes for adults, just stick with us.

Ebikes make us unfit

Magicycle Jaguarundi

To be exact, this is nonsense. Each sport has its own physical attributes. For example, a sprinter is built very differently to be a long-distance runner, and a powerlifter is built to be a gymnast. The thing is a heart rate monitor does not lie. Downhill is a very physical discipline, and you are going to be doing a lot more of that on your electric bikes. At the same time, uphill will take you up to places and climbs that non-ebikes can only dream of.

The geometries of both ebikes and bikes are the same

Actually, that is not the case. The geometry of an electric mountain bike is in the early days of its evolution, and some brands are only getting their heads around this. Now the thing with ebikes for sale is that you are going to be going up a lot steeper, more technical climbs than traditional bikes.

Electric bikes are heavy

No offense, it is actually people that are heavy. Have you ever seen people try to get up the slab on their conventional bikes? That may be hard work even though they are light riders. If you climb steep hills with an ebike, would you still think that they are heavy?

Magicycle Ocelot Pro has a powerful motor of 750 W 96Nm. When it comes to climbing hills with it, you will never feel that it is heavy as the fast speed will take everything in control.

High maintenance Costs

For some riders, the cost to maintain a motor and battery is simply going to be ludicrous as they may need a specialist dealer to look after those components, which might cost them thousands of dollars. Obviously, there are a few things that should be cleared up here. An ebike battery is actually guaranteed for about a thousand charges, which equates to over 30,000 kilometers. Therefore, it is likely that the rest of your ebikes are going to wear out quicker than your motor and your battery. Moreover, the motor on an electric bike is sealed and simply needs no maintenance.

But, you could be right because you might have to replace things such as chains, or cassettes a little bit more frequently. And the reason for that is that you can be riding your electric bike far more than a traditional one.

Ebikes can be exposed to the rain

Many people think electric bikes for adults can be broken if they are exposed to water, just because they are “electric”. On the ebike market, most ebikes for sale are manufactured to be water-resistant and absolutely can be exposed to water.

Taking Magiyclce ebikes as examples, they all come with rear and front fenders, aiming to protect the rest of your ebikes from water splashing when you ride by water puddles. Also, Magicycle provides a skid plate to protect magnetic sensors and controllers from shrubs, rocks, and other potential risks.

Even more, you can just ride your ebikes in the rain if you have to. This will not cause any permanent damage unless the ebikes you own are of low quality. There are some critical points you have to consider while having to ride ebikes in the rain. We got an article about 5 tips for riding ebikes in the rain, check it out for a few minutes, it will be helpful.

Electric bikes are for lazy guys

Magicycle Ocelot Pro Army Green

To be honest, compared with traditional bikes that need a $100 labor force, electric mountain bikes are more appealing to the so-called lazy people. But think about it this way, even though there are no ebikes in the real world, do you still want to buy a normal bike?

In the real world, you can get power assistance by pedaling your ebikes, this is some kind of fitness for riders. Even though many ebikes can be powered with only a throttle, you can combine it with the PAS, which is not a problem at all.

Electric bikes don’t generate any exercise

In a way, electric bikes are just the same as traditional bikes as you can still use the pedals once you want to. Magicycle Ocelot Pro has 7 levels of PAS. And the power output of each level can be adjusted according to your own needs in the display. That said, if you want to pedal harder to get enough exercise, you can just adjust the power output to the lowest level. Of course, you could even turn off the display to get the most out of that.

Also, what is worth noting is that electric bikes can extend the time periods of exercise as the electric power can do much work for you. Studies show that ebikes can provide the same exercise as a regular bike. That is because it enables riders to increase their heart rate.

These are all the common misconceptions in this article. Actually, it is not necessary to be misguided by all these misconceptions. If you have doubts or questions about ebikes, why don’t you have a test ride?

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