ebike vs normal bike May 26,2023

Ebike, a Cure for Covid

Omicron has added fuel to the flames, a virus raging even more fiercely around the world. No matter if you are working from home or attending a physical office, it is of vital importance to take care of yourself or families both physically and mentally. An ebike can help you to do it.

Ebike is Safer
Since the virus is transmitted among people, large-scale social gathering is better avoided. Nevertheless, essential workers that must continue to serve the critical infrastructure and functions have to attend physical offices. In order to reduce the exposure to the covid, ebike is a safer travel option for commuters.

Worries are justified that public transportation has a higher risk of getting covid or omicron. Against this backdrop, ebike is a relatively “isolated” travel that can prevent the gathering of potential virus carriers.

Moreover, an independent journey on an ebike can also avoid the rush on the street or in the subway, saving quite a lot of energy that could have been consumed on commuting.
Ebike is Healthier
Plus, an electric bike converts commuting into a workout.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, commuters took a sedentary gesture in public transportation, either sitting still while scrolling cell phones or leaning against the handrail worrying about the unfinished KPI this month. Now, things have changed. A shift of transportation could be a game-changer of our lifestyle. A workout in a brisk morning makes a day. Cycling generates dopamine that can ease our anxiety. Breeze coming from afar refreshes us from the tiredness of Monday syndrome.

Ebike leads a healthier lifestyle for us commuters.
Ebike is Boredom-Killer
Party is limited. Tourism is limited. Walking a dog is limited. During quarantine, we have tried everything we used to desire, like bakery, painting, music, dancing whatsoever, but after all, we want to go outside. Since humanity is social, it is quite a torture to stay in for such a long time. For many, boredom is the Number 1 enemy.

The WTO has pointed out in a report concerning covid-19 that: if possible, please consider walking or cycling, for they are helpful in shortening social distance and meeting the least daily exercise requirement.

It makes a huge comfort to your life by cycling around your community or nearby scenery suburbs, talking to neighbors or strangers about what’s going on around you. Man needs listeners, and ebike can take us to find one.

Not an extrovert who can get along with strangers? No problem. A single journey exploring spring on yourself is romantic as well. Traveling to and fro alone is a good meditation, removing distractions, be it good or bad. By doing so, cyclists can focus on themselves, pondering priorities of their life, thus making choices they truly cherish.

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, ebike can lead you out of boredom.
Magicycle does magic on this. Taking a glimpse at ebike, it is only a shift of transportation. However, it is just the tip of an iceberg if we put this change into the post-pandemic era. Behind this, we humanity proactively turn the previous lifestyle into a healthier and brighter one, and all that starts with an ebike. 

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