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Do You Know What 36V, 48V or 52V Means for an Ebike?

"Hey Lisa, how come you are late for work today?"

"You wouldn't believe it. You know that I ride my ebike to work every morning. But guess what, last night I forgot to recharge it. As a result, the bike almost ran out of electricity on the way and went much more slowly than usual. I felt desperate knowing it was impossible for me to come to my office on time."

For all ebike riders and commuters, Lisa's embarrassment is probably the last thing you want to experience. So how could we possibly avoid this awkward situation from the very beginning? Well, maybe we could do something about it from one of the essential parts of an electric bike. That is, the battery.

If an ebike runs much slower just because it wasn't charged for a single time, it could be an indication that this bike is not designed with a good range. But what gives an ebike a desirable range? The answer is the voltage of ebikes' batteries.

Currently, there are 36V, 48V, 52V batteries and others on the market. How should we choose among them? Does a bigger number equal better performance?

To be frank, the correlation between the voltage of your ebike battery and its ability to satisfy your need is not always so clear to tell. Kind of cliche as it is, I have to say that what works best for you always depends on what you want most. You are well advised to think clearly about why you are buying an ebike? What is the quality of an ebike that you put the greatest emphasis on? Let's break down a little bit and have a closer look at different scenarios.

For ebike commuters
Generally speaking, batteries with a higher voltage guarantee a longer range. But if you are riding an ebike to get to your workplace, I assume that the distance between your workplace and the place you live is probably not that far. Otherwise, you'll need a car. So in this case a 36V or a 48V is good enough. The range is not the most important thing you need to consider. All you have to do is remember to charge it regularly and do not ride on a zero-powered ebike. However, if you are a relatively forgetful person just like me or a guy who enjoys hangovers, you may want an ebike with higher voltage batteries as it does not need to be recharged so often and saves you a lot of annoying chores. Give you an example. I only need to charge my 52V Magicycle once a month. 
For ebike excercisers
The expense of having a long range is the increase of the total weight of an ebike. You may find that you'll need more time to get used to the pedals of a 48V or 52V ebike compared with those with 24V or 36V batteries. But it is perfect for doing exercise! It not only helps to train your leg muscles but also improves your concentration. Ever since I rode my Magicycle to work for the first time, I have already lost ten pounds in total. That is just amazing. Trust me, it might be a little tricky to handle the heavier ones at first. But you will love it after you make it.
For ebike travelers
If you are an ebike adventurer or traveler, for the voltage of an ebike I have to say the higher, the better. Just go and get a 52V one. Ebikes with 52V batteries can run significantly faster than those 48V or 36V ones, for they could be more powered and can be accelerated more quickly. Even though you are not too particular about the speed of a bike, batteries of 52V also have some other merits that you don't want to miss, such as the long range and the ability of not being charged too often since it is highly likely that you may want to go to places with more wilderness where electricity is not always available. The biggest advantage of a 52V, however, is that they help you ride more easily on steep surfaces like hills and slopes, so you will be safer. 52V ebikes like Magicycles could deal with all kinds of complex terrains and bad weather. They are less likely to be damaged and torn apart than those with batteries of lower voltages as you will need extra effort to control and handle them in undesirable conditions.

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