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Do Electric Bikes Have Cruise Control?

As ebike sales soar, so does ebike technology. Many manufacturers have come up with more and more advanced user-friendly functions that offer a customizable riding experience. Cruise control is one of those functions which is really popular recently.

It may sound new to those who are not familiar with electric bikes as cruise control is a feature that originated in automobiles. Anyway, for people who want to ask “Do electric bikes have cruise control?”, here my answer is a definite yes. Below I will introduce everything you need to know about cruise control on ebikes.


1. What Is Cruise Control on Ebikes?

2. Do All the Ebikes Come with Cruise Control?

3. 3 Tips for Using Cruise Control

4. Final Words

What Is Cruise Control on Ebikes?

As mentioned above, cruiser control is a convenient function in automobiles originally. It aims to help drivers keep a constant speed without using the accelerator pedal constantly. When it comes to ebikes, this feature plays the same role. Of course, there will be some differences.

Do All the Ebikes Come with Cruise Control?

No, not all electric bikes have cruise control. Whether an ebike has cruise control or not depends on the manufacturer, and most cheap electric bikes will not have it as this feature can cost more. Even though some premium electric bikes have cruise control, it is commonly an optional function that can be turned off in the setting menu.

Advantages of Cruise Control on Eikes

If you are fortunate enough to own an electric bike with cruise control, here are some advantages for you to use this feature:

Free Your Hands: No matter what kinds of throttles you are using, thumb throttle or twist throttle, you can feel uncomfortable with your thumbs or your hands if you keep riding for a long time. With cruise control, you can actually keep your hands free while maintaining the constant speed you want.

Consistent Speed: Obviously, the main function of cruise control is to maintain a consistent speed. This is pretty useful for both electric bikes and electric cars as the speed of electric vehicles always fluctuates. Cruise control ensures a consistent speed of riders, which provides a smoother riding experience.

Reasonable Battery Usage: Without cruise control, riders will have to use the throttles repeatedly as they are likely to stop and go frequently, leading to more energy loss. Using cruise control can optimize the use of power, extending the battery life and overall range.

Less Riding Fatigue: Taking a long trip on an ebike can be pleasant, but it could be tiring as well, especially when rides need to hold the throttle all the way. Cruise control can help to reduce such fatigue by eliminating the need to adjust the throttle.

3 Tips for Using Cruise Control

To make the most out of cruise control, here are some tips for you:

Get familiar: Before getting to use cruise control, be sure to read the user manual to understand how to handle it. There are different ways for different ebikes to engage, disengage, and adjust the cruise control settings. Don’t take it for granted that they are all the same.

Appropriate Road Conditions: To be honest, riders can make the best out of cruise control while they are riding on open and straight roads with minimal traffic. In heavy traffic, riders cannot ride without stopping, making this feature difficult to use.

Stay Alert: Even though you are using cruise control, don’t be too comfortable. You’d better stay alert and be aware of your surroundings in case there will be some unexpected situations.

Final Words

Even though not every electric bike comes with cruise control, you can search this term on Google to find certain models that provide this function. It is overall an impressive feature, providing lots of benefits such as convenience and riding comfort.

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