May 26,2023

Complete Tips and Guides for Riding the California Highway 1 Bike Route: A Must-Ride Classic in This Lifetime

What is California State Route 1?

California State Route 1, also called Pacific Coast Highway, is one of the famous routes for cycling tours and adventures!

In this article, we will introduce the routes and all the tips and guides for you to know before you go on the trip.

If you asked, which Route covers most of California's coastline? There is no double that is California State Route, and it is also one of the reasons why is famous, no one is no surprised by the stunning view, from the ocean to the mountains.

Even national geographic also claims it is one of the 50 places you must visit!!!

This route is been a must-ride classic one, not just because of the full creativity; Image the picture that you ride your electric bike along the breezy travel from the wildlife-rich Pacific coast highway to the beaches of southern California. Is already becoming a beautiful picture.

And with Magicycle Ebike, you can have a better experience of the vineyards of Santa Barbara; no matter is the beach city or the glittering modern city center, they are all worth exploring.

Route itinerary:

D1: Los Angeles - Santa Monica -Santa Barbara, 143 km.

D2: Santa Barbara - Santa Maria, 141km

D3: Santa Maria -San Simeon, 125km

D4: San Simeon - Big Sur, 104km

D5: Big Sur - Marina, 94km

D6: Marina - San Jose, 148km

D7: San Jose - San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge, 100km


1. There have many cliffs on the sides, and you might meet foggy weather, so you always have to pay attention when you turn.

2. Sunlight in California is one of my favorite things; in other words, it is notoriously harsh; remember to wear sunglasses, and better-polarized lenses, to protect your eyes.

3. You should ride in the spring or the fall; it's not too hot, and it's just a tourist-trafficked route, so go in the summer. On the other hand, if you want to go in winter, you need to consider it will be very, very rainy, especially in the pacific northwest, known for its rainy season; there could be flooding or mudslides, landslides, all that kind of stuff. So, the better choice is in the spring or the fall.

4. To utilize the hiker-biker sites, they're at all the state parks and other places you can stay. Also, those hiker-biker sites offer great discounted rates or the necessary information.

5. Make sure you adorn yourself with high-visibility clothing, a hi-vis jacket, or some hi-vis vest with blinky lights. Make sure that you're being seen while you're on the road. 

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Thank you for following along with us all the time.

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