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Choosing the Perfect Ebike Lock: What You Need to Know

Magicycle won't mislead you. No security system is entirely infallible, and this applies even to the most advanced bike lock. With the right tools and know-how, a determined thief could breach it swiftly. However, the goal is to create a formidable deterrent and increase the level of difficulty for potential theft.

One of the best tips we can give you is to use two padlocks with different types and brands of locks. An outsider may be able to break one type of lock, but it will be more difficult for him to break a second, completely different lock. The task is complicated.

This measure is preferable to looking for a single, a priori, inviolable padlock.

Do you want ideas to buy some of the best locks for your bike? In the Magicycle catalogue, you have a selection of top models to guarantee your safety.

Main types of bike locks

Particularities aside, there are four main categories of bicycle locks: U-locks, articulated folding locks, chain locks and cable locks.

Next, we analyze some of its particularities, so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


We could say that the U-lock is the quintessential bicycle lock. The design consists of a large shackle and a reinforced crosspiece with a built-in locking mechanism. It has been around for many years and is actually a single large padlock.

U-locks are popular with cyclists because they offer a good balance between portability and weight. Normally, they are sold with support that allows them to be attached to the bicycle frame. They provide a good level of protection.

Folding padlocks

If you want a combination of lightness, portability, and strength that you can rely on during long layovers, a folding lock may be the ideal solution.

Folding locks are the most portable on the market. Stored in their case, they occupy little more than the palm of a hand, making them easy to transport. The strongest ones use 5.5mm hardened steel plates.

Chain padlocks

If you are looking for a lock for a bike that remains parked for a long time, a large and heavy chain with reinforced links is the best option. Combined with a powerful lock, it provides the highest level of security for your bike.

They are somewhat cumbersome to transport. The weight of the locks and the reinforced links make the weight substantially greater than that of other types of locks.

A heavy chain with reinforced links offers an exceptional level of protection.

A chain lock is usually covered by a cloth cover to protect the frame. For the same reason, the U-locks we have seen before have a plastic or rubber coating.

Cable locks

Light, flexible and cheap. Cable locks are made up of twisted metal wires, hidden under a plastic coating. Most provide minimal levels of security and you should only use them for short stops, where your bike is not 100% unattended.

But not everything is inconvenient; on the contrary. A combination of a U-lock with a cable lock offers a relatively lightweight solution for securing both ends of the bike.

Some of these cables come with their own locking mechanism, opening with a key or by numerical combination. In other cases, they only have a loop at each end, designed to be used in combination with another type of lock. 

In either case, don't use a cable lock as your only option. The metal strands inside can be severed with a simple shear.

How to lock your bike

Always choose a crowded place to park your bike. Thieves do not like to perform with the public. Find a place where there are many more electric bikes and place it in the middle, never at one end.

Whenever you can, use a second lock to also secure the front wheel (ideally the front of the frame as well). It is easy for a thief to remove the wheel and take it with him.

If you use multiple locks, try to combine different types of locks (for example, a U-lock with a chain lock, or a keyed lock with a combination lock). The vulnerabilities differ and the work for the thief is piling up.

In conclusion, when it comes to securing your valuable e-bike, there's no room for compromise. While no lock can guarantee absolute security, investing in a high-quality lock like those offered by Magicycle provides you with the strongest line of defence against theft. Remember, deterring thieves is half the battle, and by choosing a Magicycle lock, you're making their job significantly harder. Your e-bike deserves the best protection available, and Magicycle's range of locks ensures you're giving it just that.

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