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Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car?

Since the sales of ebikes skyrocketed, people have been arguing about a question: can an ebike replace a car? Seriously, they all provide good reasons. For those who prefer cars, they think using a car is a totally different experience compared with riding an electric bike; for those who choose ebikes, I guess most of them are tired of rising gas prices and terrible traffic.

Looks like both opinions make sense. However, personally, I would love to pick a side of electric bikes for adults. While it is not always necessary for everyone to replace their car keys with an electric bike helmet, you could find out it is way more interesting and happier to spend more time on your electric bike instead of getting dependent on a four-wheeled vehicle. Please keep reading for the best reasons to replace a car with an ebike.

Why are ebikes better than cars?

Magicycle Cruiser

Obviously, it is quite pointless to say which one is better or more useful. Both ebikes and cars have their own uses and purposes. As I am on the side of ebikes, I will give you some of the strongest reasons.

1. More fun than ever

For those who are familiar with ebikes, they know it well. Electric bikes just give riders opportunities to travel freely, getting in better touch with things around them, like the refreshing air, people around them, and even the gorgeous scenery. As regards the scenery, anyone can appreciate that as well in a car. However, I personally think that taking a view of the outside scenery while sitting in the car can kind of generate a visual barrier, whether the windows are open or not.

When it comes to riding an ebike, you don’t have to care about too many things. Every time I am driving to a destination, I got a lot of things to consider: Is there a parking space? How much should I pay for that? How about the road situations? Is there a traffic Jam somewhere as it is rush time? All these questions in my mind can somehow bother me. With an ebike, things can be far easier. Every trip and journey on a fast and flexible electric bike can bring a lot of fun.

2. Ebikes do save money!

Almost everyone picking ebikes would say that electric bikes can save some costs, and I completely agree with that. This is a concept that you will possibly get to know when you truly use an ebike on a daily basis.

How much do we cost per year to own a car? Besides rising gas costs, which is a significant portion of the total cost, we need to pay a lot for parking if we are to use a car every day. Then we will have to spend more on insurance and some necessary maintenance.

Thinking about the expenditure of owning a car, you will find it less burdensome and more friendly to own an electric bike. No parking fees, no gas costs, maybe you need to spend some on ebike maintenance, but it is just far less than that of maintaining a car.

Speaking of maintenance, there is some basic information you need to be aware of when it comes to it, check out the ebike maintenance guide here.

3. Travel Through Traffic

We love riding ebikes in urban areas. Personally, one of the best things about riding an ebike is that you can travel through traffic, like dodging around. You won’t need to worry too much about heavy traffic.

Also, riding an ebike offers you a lot of alternative options to your destinations. Some secret paths can be only found by riding an ebike or a traditional bike, and those paths may even allow you to cover a shorter distance. It will be wonderful to explore around on an electric bike.

Of course, there are benefits to owning a car

Obviously, there are still a lot of advantages to owning a car. Fundamentally, the range of a car can be much longer than an electric bike. I would say it is pretty unfair to compare the range of a car with that of an electric bike. Also, under some extreme weather conditions, like rainy and snowy, driving a car could be safer and more comfortable.

Moreover, it is kind of tough for you to carry someone on the rear rack of an ebike while you could pick up at least one person easily. Even though the ebike you bought comes with a big rear rack and a large load capacity, it can be quite dangerous sometimes. I think it is a huge advantage of a car over electric bikes.

As for the gas price, well, there is a simple way to avoid that: choose an electric car, which is powered by electricity.

So, will ebikes replace cars?

In fact, ebikes can replace cars, but it doesn’t mean we don’t need cars anymore. Whether or not you can do that depends on your own lifestyle and requirements. A simple instance is that you are not able to travel cross a country or a city with an ebike, are you?

However, an electric bike can be a wise choice if you will just use it for nearby commuting. It is kind of a waste of money if you use a car for short trips or getting to some near destinations. Of course, if you’ve got enough budget, you can have both cars and ebikes. If not, then be sure to check out this article thoroughly and make a truly helpful choice for yourself.

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