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Best Transportation for Seniors, Which One

At present, as the society is aging, there is an increasing number of senior citizens in America, and this tendency has no intention to stop. Topics pertaining to seniors are also on the rise, gaining wide attention nationwide. Among the most discussed issues, what consists in the recent talk is the way seniors travel.

Humanity ages, which is a fact no one can deny. Now it is our parents, and years later it’s our turn. When it comes to the transportation suitable for seniors, attention is often paid to its economy, comfort, safety and convenience. After concluding a life-long rat race in the workplace, it is time for our retired parents (or ourselves) to take a leisurely pace in supermarkets, roaming their way around in the fragrant spring. Then, among the travel tools such as public transportation, private cars, and electric vehicles, which is the most suitable for seniors?

Check out this list below.
In terms of economy, electric bikes are priced between extremists, much cheaper than cars and only slightly pricier than ordinary bicycles. While 1,589 dollars is far from enough in getting a KANDI K27 and several times the price of a regular bicycle, it can afford an electric bike like Magicycle just fine. Meanwhile, when the oil market in America is rocketing as the Ukraine crisis goes, an electricity-powered travel tool would save your arms and legs.  

In terms of power, while electricity is renewable, there is no need for fuel to burn out the already-loaded environment. Green cycling is also more compatible with a retirement life. Also, the repair and maintenance costs of electric bikes are also extremely low, hardly incurring any economic pressure.

In terms of comfort, electric bikes have soft seat cushions, equipped with proper shock absorption function, which provide excellent cycling experience in short and medium trips. Usually, 4-inch wide, non-slip and puncture-resistant tires of ebikes, like Magicycle does, are able to curve the ups and downs on the rainy hilly murky terrain, which relieves you of the jottings to and fro.   

In terms of safety, electric bicycles are wrapped in metal alloy, which is strong and durable. Li-ion batteries eliminate the risk of spontaneous combustion. The 7-level pedal-assisted speed ensures the stability of riding for the elderly.

Finally, in terms of convenience, the small size of electric bicycles makes it possible to use them in most occasions. Whether you get trapped in busy traffic or call on your siblings living in a tower, the light weight makes it easy for the seniors to carry. What else? The long battery life and surging power brought by the 750w battery saves a lot of effort for senior citizens.

In addition to the key points mentioned above, electric bikes are definitely a perfect workout for seniors who necessitate it but cannot consume themselves way too much. Considering the surging oil price in America, it weighs even more not only in reducing carbon dioxide, but also in optimizing your family travel fare.
Check your list and think twice, there is no other better choice than an electric bike for seniors. Make your traveling right.

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