May 26,2023

Best Electric Mountain Bike under $2,000

Electric Mountain Bikes are perhaps one of the most popular types of ebikes nowadays. With their robust electric motors and large-capacity lithium batteries, it's not surprising why they are on top of this ebike game. Moreover, they are designed to handle even the most challenging trails with confidence and style. However, electric mountain bikes, most if not all, are more expensive than regular electric bikes, which is surely because of their advanced and state-of-the-art features that no other ebikes can match. Sadly, on average, a decent electric mountain bike can cost at least 2000$! Insane, right?

Due to the increasing demands for electric bikes these days, prices would fluctuate a lot according to the types, models, and brands. Below the $2000 price point, you can still find decent electric mountain bikes from a brand with a mountain biking heritage. That is Magicycle ebike!
Many love to think about the mileage, speed, and performance of an ebike when the words “Electric Mountain Bike” come up. However, what about comfort and convenience? When cycling through rugged terrains, you may need an ebike from Magicycle that doesn't trade off on any of these components, which is more like a hummer(a tag worthily given by Forbes) that spectacularly ticks off on affordability, quality, comfort, and speed.

Suspension and Tires
Any manufacturer that wants to guarantee durability and extreme quality would have to do so with hardcore proof. This is why Magicycle's puncture-resistant tires are the decisive feature. Even though its mountain ebikes are undeniably sleek and classy with rugged and reliable features, still, the fat tires probably have the most convincing argument, which are from a well-known brand called Kenda. They are reinforced with layer after layer of aramid and ceramic particles that guarantee an extra tough and puncture-resistant form.This means that the tires will be protected from all kinds of unfavorable terrains including glass, thorns, sharp rocks, and the likes.

Acceleration and Speed
Magicycle Ebike is more than just an affordable ebike with a 750Watt geared-hub motor that works hand in hand with a 52V Lithium–ion battery. Plus, riders can enjoy multiple levels of gears whenever they need to ramp up the torque. If there's anything that off-road tracks and bumpy hills need, it's a Magicycle mountain electric bike that supplies extra speed, extra skid, and extra force.

Colored LCD Display
Besides all the features of Magicycle Mountain Ebikes, their LCD displays could be an outstanding point. It's 2022, not those past years when we only had fat and heavy TVs without any color. However, most ebiks in the market right now are still not equipped with colored displays, quite monotonous, right? Don’t worry, Magicycle got you! Its displays are not only colored, but multifunctional. There is much information you can get on that little screen, like battery power, speedometer, odometer and other indexes. More importantly, these displays are water-resistant!

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