May 26,2023

Best Ebike Accessories in 2022

One of the top joys for riding an ebike is purchasing something unique for it, which also makes your trip much more special. Since you already possess a fancy brand new ebike, there must be some ebike accessories that you need badly. In this buying guide, we'll jump into all the little things that make an electric bike distinct and ways to update your electric bike to ensure that it remains yours, fits you better, rides extra easily.

As several cyclists will confirm, the most effective ebike accessories are practically as important as the electric bike itself. Obviously, you can get from A to B with only an ebike itself, but security, convenience and ease remain mostly on ebike accessories. When you're carrying anything that is inconvenient to hold, you'll want a large backpack or a rear bike basket. If you're riding in the dark, you must need a headlight. If you're intending to park your bike for a long time, you'll need a hard and solid lock which is not easily broken. In this buying guide, we'll jump into all the little things that make an electric bike distinct. Ways to update your electric bike to ensure that it remains yours, fits you better, rides extra easily, and also better matches your riding style.

hydraulic disc brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes make use of a sealed liquid system to transfer the braking force from the lever to the caliper. As of the braking system, there is a piston and a master cylinder that holds the brake fluid in it. When the lever bar is pressed, the piston gets into the cylinder tube, forcing brake fluid in the direction of the brake caliper. This force is then moved to pistons inside the brake caliper which press the brake pads right into the disc rotor-- therefore slowing down the rotation of the rotor as well as the wheel.

When it comes to hydraulic disc brakes, many of you may think of mechanical disc brakes, so it is quite necessary to make you guys clear about these two similar gears, and most importantly, the advantages of the hydraulic disc brake.

Mechanical disc brakes are typically cheaper than hydraulic disc brakes. Although you can put either type of disc brake onto a disc brake-compatible ebike, the process can be laborious as well as expensive.

Generally, hydraulic disc brakes outperform mechanical disc brakes in regards to efficiency as well as effectiveness because the lack of mechanical cable reduces the friction. The fluid system is far more reliable than a steel wire which is easily worn out. Also, even without a cut or opening in the housing, mud and dirt will easily slip into mechanical disc brakes during a long trip on rugged or tough terrains. Even though hydraulic disc brakes are generally more costly than mechanical ones, Magicyle’s hydraulic disc brakes are not the same in terms of price and quality, which is only available at $249 and of high-end quality.

ebike rear view mirrors

Ebike Rearview Mirror

Almost all kinds of vehicles have mirrors set up in them other than ebikes. You might ask: why do we need ebike mirrors? Well, it is very important since we do not want your pleasant trip to end up being an undesirable crash, you don’t have eyes on your back, right? A rearview mirror certainly makes your ebike riding more safer.

Also, there is not only, but 3 kinds of ebike mirrors, including,  eyeglass mounted mirror, helmet mirror, and handlebar mirror. 

An eyeglass -mounted mirror can't be set up in the ebike, instead you need to affix them to your regular glasses or biking glasses. It has a three-pivot function to ensure that you can install it into 3 various areas. You can affix them either on the same level of your eye or over the eye degree.Helmet mirrors are basically eyeglass mirrors, however this set is attached to the safety helmet. 

As for the handlebar mirrors, they are the most common kind of mirrors that are set up on the top of the handlebars, and in my opinion, they are the most useful ebike rearview mirrors in the market, for this kind of mirror plays a security function effectively. Due to the fact that while set up at the end of an ebikes' handlebar, it is easier to look at the handlebar mirror without losing the focus on the road. The largest advantage of handlebar mirrors is, when you install them, it's very difficult to remove them, especially with Magicycle’s handlebar bike mirrors. They are specially designed to be blast-resistant and are able to be turned to any degree(360 degree) you prefer. That's why you need to install a brand new handlebar mirror for each new bike you utilize.

battery bag

Battery Storage Bag

If you are the kind of rider who always rides for a long range so that you need to take another battery with you during your trip,then you must wonder how to carry a heavy battery easily. That is what battery storage bags are created for. However, there are some critical points you need to know

1. They must be waterproof. 

No matter what batteries you have, you must avoid any situation when they are exposed to fluid, especially on rainy days. In this circumstance, it is quite necessary for a battery bag to be waterproof. 

2. They must be explosionproof.

Obviously, batteries are explosive, which is really dangerous when they come close to fire or heat. So make sure you purchase an explosionproof battery bag.

Magicycle’s battery storage bags match both features. They are not only waterproof, but explosionproof and fireproof. Besides, they have a large enough capacity for any rider to store their batteries easily.


Basically, any ebike accessories are produced to improve riders’ experience. No matter what kind of gear you need, just remember, choose the best ones of high quality because it is those little gadgets that are easily broken. 

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