May 26,2023

Best Affordable Fat Tire Electric Bike 2022

The happiness of riding ebikes and the cost-effective convenience they bring to everyday transportation have helped electric bikes, especially the affordable ebike models that cost less than $1,800, skyrocket in popularity. The recent increase in gas prices (in early March they averaged $4.39 across the country) has made these lower-cost ebikes an even more attractive option for short trips or leisurely recreation. Just a couple of years ago, it was practically impossible to hold one from an outstanding bike manufacturer for less than $2,000, but thankfully, the tide has now changed and there's an wide range of budget ebikes that are a joy to ride and won't break the bank.

However, even though you have many options for purchasing an ebike, you need to take many factors into consideration as different ebikes could not be the same in terms of their quality. So how do you choose the best affordable electric bike?

First, the ebike company needs to provide good customer service. Remember, not all the ebike manufacturers are worth trusting. Some of them would not offer satisfactory after-sale service once the deal is over. What if you got a broken one? Who can you put your blame on? Well, nobody! Keep this in mind: don’t select an ebike company which doesn’t offer good after-sale service. Second, the ebike company should have its own factory, which allows its ebikes to be customizable. Customizable means when it receives the feedback from customers about some issues of its products, the company can make timely adjustments. This process would not take long compared to those without their own factories. 

Last but not least, the ebike itself should be in high-end quality. An affordable ebike doesn't necessarily equal a bad one, and it is absolutely not the excuse for an ebike manufacturer to provide low-quality ebikes. 

With all mentioned above, if you want to spend less but still get the best hardware, customer support, and warranty for the money you spent, Magicycle fat tire electric bike should be your best option. Magicycle has shown an outstanding commitment to past products, it has one of the largest customer service teams in the industry, offering phone and email support, and has recruited a team of recognized and respected industry veterans. Moreover, Magicycle's factory is always ready for any adjustment, making its customers satisfied easily. Then, there is no doubt about the quality of its fat tire electric bikes. They are  designed in a classic cruiser style with comfort-focused components, delivering a relaxing and smooth ride on city roads and urban trails. Their shock-absorbing tires and a comfy saddle with suspension all contribute to the premium ride feel. If you love riding fast, their 52V powerful motors would give you an exciting experience. There are also many other unique features like fast-charging charger and colored LCD display, and the ebikes only cost below 1800$. 

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