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A Beginner’s Guide: Things to Know about Electric Bike Tire Pressure

Many of you who are new to cycling might have heard that you need to check your tire pressure before going for that ride, or people may tell you the PSI thing before that check. However, this is really confused when you are a new ebike rider. So, what is the correct tire pressure for your ebike, and is there anything else concerning tire pressure? Stick with us, you will know the answer.

What is PSI?

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Basically, PSI(Pound per Square Inch) is the measurement of pressure, which is used to measure the pressure of gasses or liquids. Lower PSI will normally make your ebike tires softer while higher PSI harder.

So, how do you know what the correct PSI is for your ebikes? Regularly, most ebike manufacturers will stamp the recommended PSI into the rubber of every tire. Therefore, you can first check the rubber of your tires.

Usually, the range between 25-50 PSI is for mountain bike tires while 80-120 PSI for road tires and 40-80 for Gravel bike tires.

Gauges For checking Tire Pressure

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Even though you already understand what PSI is, you still need to be able to see your tire pressure, so it is essential for you to have a pressure gauge. Magicycle has a little air pump which has a built-in gauge. It provides a real-time display of air pressure data and can be carried out easily because of its small size.

Factors to Consider before Pumping your Ebike Tires

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As mentioned above, there are recommended PSI for all ebikes for sale. However, they are not fixed as there are other factors that have a huge impact on this.


Generally, more weight equals more pressure. The heavier you are, your ebike tires will get more pressure. No offense, if you are heavy and use a comparably low PSI, then chances are your electric bikes will not go that fast and their range will be decreased more or less. So obviously, the PSI for heavier riders should be a lot higher than lighter ones to get the same tire performance. For example, a man who weighs 200lbs will need to pump his ebike tires to around 20 PSI or more. And for a man who weighs only 140lbs, this is totally unnecessary.

Of course, there is not exactly PSI for people of different weights because most of us won’t feel the same for the same thing. So it is recommended for you to adjust the PSI to find the best number for you.


According to physics, we all know that warm air causes air to expand while cold air causes air to contract. And the air you pump into your tires is literally trapped unless there is a hole in your tires. To be exact, you need to pay more attention to the weather. For example, when it is summertime and very hot, you should pump your ebike tires to a relatively low PSI in case they blow up and you get hurt. Also, your ebike tire PSI can be higher than usual when it comes to cold weather.

Besides weather, keeping decelerating with rim brakes can cause friction that raises the temperature inside the tube. But don’t worry, this temperature can get down more quickly, all you need to do is keep an eye on this.

Avoid overinflation and underinflation

Obviously, both overinflation and underinflation can be a bad thing for your ebike tires. When you overinflate your tires, they will get harder. It may sound great for some of you because it seems like the harder they are, the less puncture you will get. However, the truth is the opposite. Overinflated tires are just like balloons, which can easily blow up. Therefore, if you inflate your ebike tires, things are like you are running the risk of getting your tires blown up.

Moreover, if your tires are underinflated, they can easily get pinch flats. In this case, you will have to push your ebikes back home or pedal harder as fat tire electric bikes for sale are usually heavier than traditional bikes.


In fact, the frequency of inflation for every rider varies, but the one same thing that applies to all of you is that you need to check the pressure of your ebike tires before every ride. Here are some signs that can remind you to check or pump your ebike tires

1. It is been a long time since your last ride. Actually, tires can deflate slowly over time. So it will be better for you to inflate your tires if you just put your ebikes in storage for weeks or months.

2. Dramatic temperature changes happen. As mentioned above, the temperature can have a huge impact on ebike tires. So when the temperature changes dramatically, it is time for you to check that tire pressure.

3. After riding on rugged and uneven terrain. There are all kinds of things on rugged terrains, like rocks, sand, and even snails which can lead to the puncture of your ebike tires. You can’t be more careful after having a ride on that terrain.

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