750W Electric Bike FAQs - Here Is Everything You Want to Know July 03,2023

750W Electric Bike FAQs - Here Is Everything You Want to Know

With so many kinds of electric bikes appearing on the market, we know very clearly that they perform differently in terms of power, speed, range, and more. Speaking of power, we see a lot of people asking a lot of questions about 750W electric bikes on the Internet as they are quite popular among many kinds of ebikes. If you are considering purchasing 750W electric bikes, this is the right blog for you. Here we will walk you through the most frequently asked questions about 750W electric bikes. Be sure to keep reading till the end.

What Is A 750W Electric Bike?

For those who are still new to ebikes, I think I should explain what a 750W electric bike is. In fact, the “750W” refers to the power delivery of an electric motor, which is always applied in North America. Of course, there are many other power measurements like kilowatts.

On the electric bike market, a 750W motor provides a decent boost to the rider, whether he is using the throttle or pedaling. Basically, a 750W electric bike is one that comes with a 750W motor, making it easier for rides to climb hills or tackle challenging terrains.

Q1: How fast does a 750W electric bike go?

So, how fast can a 750W electric bike go? There is no fixed answer and it can vary based on many factors, such as efficiency, weight, road conditions, etc. What I am sure of is that most 750W electric bikes can go at a speed of 20 - 28 mph approximately.

However, the top speed of an electric bike can be limited by the laws in the United States. They are just divided into 3 categories: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. There are different speed limits and requirements for each class. For example, Class 1 ebikes are allowed to reach a speed of 20 mph while Class 3 ebikes can legally reach speeds of 28 miles per hour. You can check out Magicycle’s blog for more information about ebike classes.

Besides legal factors, the weight of the rider himself is another one that affects the top speed of a 750W ebike. The heavier the rider is, the more power is required to ride forward, which is closely related to the speed of any ebikes.

Q2: Are 750 Watts Enough for An Ebike?

step thru fat tire ebike

The answer largely depends on personal needs and requirements. For some new ebike riders who are still not familiar with the fast speed, it may be too much; for those ebike experts, it is possibly not enough.

Generally, a 750W motor is enough for most kinds of riding, including daily commuting, off-road riding, and running errands. The power provided helps riders tackle steep hills and bumpy roads effortlessly. Moreover, some ebike motors are labeled 750W while they can reach a maximum power output of 1000W or more, just like Magicycle ebikes.

It is worth noting that if you are going to use your 750W ebikes to carry heavy loads and stuff, maybe you need some more powerful ebikes motors, like 1100W or more, which can provide more torque.

Q3: Is 750W better than 500W?

In terms of power and speed, a 750W motor is definitely better than a 500W motor. Just as mentioned above, a 750W motor offers greater speed and power for off-road riding and mountain biking. A 500W motor may be only enough for easier bike rides, but more power comes with more cost. A 750W motor can cost you more dollars.

However, as a 750W motor requires much more power, it can consume more battery life. That means with the same battery capacity, a 750W ebike can cover less distance than a 500W ebike.

In some countries, there are specific rules limiting the max speed of an ebike. If you are riding a 750W electric bike in a country where an ebike is only allowed to reach a speed of 20 mph, then it doesn’t make any sense to have a 750W motor. Instead, a 500W ebike is just the right one.

Are 750W Ebikes Worth Buying?

Personally, I think it is worthwhile to purchase a 750W electric bike. It has impressive power for off-road riding, which is the best part I love about it. I can use a 750W electric bike for all kinds of bike rides and on any terrain without considering too much before I head out.

To purchase a 750W electric bike, you must choose the right ebike brand in case you get one of poor quality. Magicycle is well-known for its high-power 750W electric bikes, which are manufactured by its own factory. You don’t need to worry about anything as Magicycle will take care of everything with its 24/7 customer service. For any doubts and consults, do not hesitate to contact Magicycle at +1 213 900 7090.

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