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How Fast Does A Softail Electric Mountain Bike Go?


Mountain bikes are the perfect companion for people who love the outdoors and want to challenge themselves every time.

But, since the bike market and the evolution of technology had a massive improvement, new models are arising. And in that revolution, softail electric mountain bikes are the main protagonists.

In this article, we uncover everything you need to know about softail mountain ebikes. Including the average softail electric mountain bike speed, key characteristics, an honest comparison with regular mountain bikes, and where to buy the best softail ebikes.

Softail Mountain Ebikes vs Normal Mountain Bikes

Pearl White Fat Tire Ebike

Mountain bikes and softail mountain ebikes can seem identical to most people, but in reality, they have key differences that can make your riding more enjoyable or more painful if you invest in one without knowing them.

To begin, common mountain bikes are more efficient when it comes to pedaling, in comparison with regular bikes. This has to do with its composition that maximizes each pedal motion, helping you ride faster without having to put in a lot of effort.

Mountain bikes can be used by beginners, although it is not the go-to option for learning how to ride a bike. Unless you’ve been riding bikes for many years in different terrains, perhaps mountain bikes are not for you.

They are relatively easy to maintain and most of their parts can be found in bike stores. Mountain bikes are the number one choice for most cross-country racers.

As for the softail electric mountain bike, they are considered full-suspension ebikes due to their enhanced versatility and capability. Apart from this, they’re made to be far more stable while descending and encountering bumps.

Softail electric mountain bikes are more efficient and faster, compared to regular mountain bikes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, choosing a softail mountain bike is ideal.

From kids to elders, softail mountain bikes present a unique opportunity for riding a bike, while reducing some consequences like sore legs and back pain.

How Fast Can A Softail Electric Mountain Bike Go?

The Magicyclebike can go up to 28 mph, but the default setting is 20 mph, which are both encompassed by what the law states.

This softail electric mountain bike speed is perfect for short trips, making softail ebikes a great replacement option for cars and motorcycles, as well as for traveling long distances, like from one state to another.

Softail electric mountain bikes are super versatile, meaning that teenagers can use them, as well as adults, who want to wander the mountains or test their cycling capacity for a few hours.

Thanks to the 7-level pedal, you can easily ride without sweating or injuring yourself. It is a simple pedal that allows you to maximize your pedaling motion, achieving more power and a faster speed.

Key Characteristics Of Softail Electric Mountain Bikes

Fat TIre Long Range Ebike

After learning the average softail electric mountain bike speed, it is important that you know some other key characteristics of this quality ebike.

First, softail electric mountain bikes are perfect for the whole family due to their easy-to-use system as well as assisted pedaling, which makes riding far more enjoyable and less struggling.

Softail electric mountain bikes can increase power up to 30% due to their 86Nm torque, perfect for easy climbing without sweating. Apart from this, softail electric mountain bikes have 55 miles of range before they need to be charged, which only takes 3-5 hours thanks to its smart charging charger.

What’s more, quality softail electric mountain bikes feature a full-color LCD display so you can trace your riding conditions in real-time. This is perfect for those who don’t want to take their phone with them while riding.

Finally, top-class mountain ebikes have excellent head and back lights, as regulations require, so you can safely ride at night.

Why Invest In A Softail Electric Mountain Bike?

If you’re looking to acquire a bike, we highly recommend you consider investing in a softail electric mountain bike.

They are perfect for cycling both on and off the road, and their enhanced composition will maximize your pedaling, allowing you to ride longer without damaging your body.

Although softail electric mountain bikes are considered more expensive than regular bikes, you have to consider all their benefits, and they can perfectly replace a car or a motorcycle.

With a softail mountain bike, you can get in shape, discover new places and save up money in the long run. The possibilities are truly endless.

Apart from this, when investing in a softail electric mountain bike, you can easily charge it at night or while you’re at work, and enjoy your electric bikes for adults anytime you want without having to worry about spending more money.

Thanks to the built-in cooler fan, you can forget about overheating your bike. This way, it can charge faster and perform better when used.

In the next part, we share the best place where you can get your softail electric mountain bike with quality materials and assured warranty.

Where To Find Quality Mountain Ebikes

After reading this article, we hope you consider buying a softail electric mountain bike, and Magicycle offers a wide range of options for you to choose from.

All of our Magicycle ebikes perform excellently on sand, snow, grassland, and mountains, as well as typical roads. Our enhanced softail mountain ebikes will provide you with a one-of-a-kind riding experience that you can share and enjoy with friends and family.

After cycling with a Magicycle ebike, we guarantee you won’t want to switch your bike to any other.

We offer top-quality ebikes for sale perfect for all ages, from professional cyclers to beginners, for people who are in their best shape, and for people who struggle with normal bikes due to health complications like knee and back pain.

Browse our shop to compare all models and choose the best one for you, and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss any releases and the latest news.

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