Electric bicycle accessories battery pack June 30,2023

Why Do We Replace A Bike By An E-Bike?

Nowadays, more and more people around us are beginning to ride an e-bike instead of a traditional bike. Sounds so attractive, right? Why do we choose to replace a bike for an ebike? Is it necessary? Well, many kinds of reasons support that E-bike is a better choice.

Well, it seems to be a trend to use electricity as power. Back in the past, electric lights have replaced kerosene lamps, electric heating has replaced coal fires, even electric cars are replacing petrol cars now. We have already seen how electricity plays an important role in the whole history. As a kind of environmental friendly energy, electricity is always the best choice for transportation. So it is not hard to predict a revolution in the bike industry: E-bike is the future.

Save effort                                                             
Equipped with a 52v 750w high-power motor, which is the biggest highlight of the Magicycle, you can ride it with little effort. Whether a long-distance outing or just commuting. An electric bike saves so much more effort that provides you a relaxing cycling experience. Besides, its 86Nm maximum torque renders speeds up to 28 mph. Less effort, faster speed.

Suitable for all kinds of terrain
No matter what kind of terrain it is, mountain, grassland, sandy terrain or snowy terrain, Magicycle is suitable for all. Any of the traditional bikes can do that. What enables Magicycle to do this is a strong electric power and unique upgraded grip and traction provided by two 4-inch wide, non-slip, puncture-resistant tires.
Compared to a traditional bike, a ebike is much safer as it’s special-designed assembly units ensure safety of every cyclist. From non-slip, puncture-resistant tires to tektro 180mm mechanical disc brakes, every part of the Magicycle is your reliable guard during your trip. 

When it is dark outside, Magicycle uses its four eyes-headlights and backlights to guarantee your safety. Lighting the dark road, you feel as if you are not afraid.

More comfortable cycling experience
As riding a bike for a long time may be a tiring thing sometimes, riding an ebike relieves your exhaustion during cycling. It is wider than most traditional bikes, so there is more space to sit. You will experience a smoother ride on it as it has extra cushioning. What's more, 7-level pedal-assisted riding provides you a cool trip, no more sweat. (Electric power-assistants start when the pedal is depressed and automatically shuts off when you stop pedaling or when the brake is applied.)

A magicycle gives wings to your wonderful trip. With it, you will have a reliable friend, a life assistant and gain a comfortable experience at anytime. The sweet spring is coming, why not take it with your family or friends to enjoy a distinctive trip?

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