Why Are My Ebike Brakes Not Working? July 18,2023

Why Are My Ebike Brakes Not Working?

Bike brakes are pretty important for our safety, whether it is electric bikes or traditional bikes. And experiencing a sudden brake failure on your electric bike can be highly frustrating, not to mention it could accidentally injure you. However, here we got good news for you ebike brakes can typically be repaired, either through the expertise of a bike mechanic or by tackling the issue yourself if you possess the necessary confidence and skills. In this post, we will walk you through all potential issues concerning ebike brakes and teach you how to troubleshoot them. Let’s go for it.

How Do Ebike Brakes Work?

First, to fix any issues related to ebike brakes, you should know how they work. There are mainly 2 mechanisms: rim brakes and disc brakes, here I will break them down:

Rim Brakes:

Rim brakes work by generating friction to the sides of the wheel rim. There are 2 major rims brakes, including caliper brakes and V-brakes, and both of them operate in the same way. The only difference is that V-brakes normally bring greater braking power.

Disc Brakes:

Disc brakes are becoming more and more popular on ebikes than rim brakes. With a rotor mounted on the wheel hub, disc brakes use a caliper assembly to clamp down on the rotor, generating friction and stopping the bike.

Just like rim brakes, there are mainly 2 disc brakes: mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes. In terms of performance, hydraulic disc brakes are far better than mechanical ones. With hydraulic ones, you can get more stopping power with less finger effort.

Potential Problems with Ebike Brakes

1. Worn-Out Brake Pads

One of the most common reasons for ebike brake failures is worn-out brake pads. This is kind of inevitable because the friction that is caused to stop the bike will wear down the brake pads gradually, which affect the effectiveness of them.

To fix this issue, you could inspect your brake pads regularly when you feel they don’t work smoothly as they were. If they seem to be thin or worn-out heavily, you can replace them with new replacement pads that are recommended by manufacturers, which are always original ones. Remember to follow the right installation instructions.

2. Contaminated Brake Surface

Over time, the braking surface of your bike can be contaminated with many things like dirt, oil, and debris. All these things can greatly impact brake performance by reducing the grip between brake pads and the rim or rotor.

When you are sure the problem comes from contamination, things are gonna be easier. Just completely clean the braking surface with a proper cleaner like isopropyl alcohol. You can purchase such cleaners on Amazon or at local stores easily. Be sure to clean the braking surface carefully to avoid further damage to it.

3. Damaged Brake Levers

This is a common issue as well. Brake levers are prone to wear down over time, especially if you are using them frequently. Sometimes your electric bikes may fall over by accident, and your brake levers can be damaged easily in that situation.

While encountering damaged brake levers, you must replace them with ones. It is kind of tricky at first glance, and if you want to skip the process of installation, you can directly get to an ebike expert to have him do it for you.

4. Improper Brake Adjustment

Some riders tend to adjust their brakes if they feel something is going wrong with them, but this can lead to improper adjustments, resulting in noise and other brake failures. For example, if the brakes are not properly aligned or the cable tension is incorrect, the brakes won’t work smoothly.

To avoid such a problem, here are some measures you can take to adjust your brakes. First, ensure that your brake pads have even contact with the rotor or rim. Second, ensure an even cable tension and adjust the brake calipers properly.

Of course, to keep your brakes in good condition, you could seek some professional assistance.

Final Thoughts

When your ebike brakes fail, it can be a concerning situation that jeopardizes your safety. By understanding these common causes and following the suggested solutions, you can troubleshoot and rectify brake-related problems effectively. Regular maintenance, proactive inspections, and following manufacturer guidelines are key to ensuring reliable and safe braking performance on your e-bike. If the issues persist or you're uncertain about performing repairs yourself, consult an experienced e-bike technician for assistance.

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