May 26,2023

What You Should Look for from an Ebike for Seniors

It is a good sign that a growing number of senior citizens have realized the importance of exercising regularly and now are beginning to take actions of various kinds to keep a healthy body and mind. But we need to admit that compared with young people, the older generation seems to have fewer options of doing sports. Ball games like soccer or football are too demanding for them while fishing and playing chess are certainly not enough. Hence, riding an electric bike, as many doctors have suggested, would be a nice choice. By drawing a comparison between jogging and cycling, we can know that riding an electric bike is actually a low-impact exercise and is more knee-friendly. This deserves our attention as seniors generally have injury-prone knee joints.

Given that the number of seniors getting into ebikes is on exponential increase, to pick a right bike for them is vitally important. In choosing the right ebike for the old we have to bear two key words in mind: safety and senior-friendliness.

Whether the electric bike is safe enough
Whatever brand you choose or whenever the bike is bought, safety should always be regarded as the top priority for senior riders, for the consequence of them getting hurt can be dramatically severe. To ensure safety, we need to examine carefully some main parts of the bike. The first thing is the tire. Here, I’d like to recommend that most seniors have bikes with fat tires instead of thin ones. This is because many of our senior friends suffer farsightedness more or less and they could not see very clearly what kind sharp objects might be lying on the ground, waiting for wheels to roll on. If the tires are too thin and it happens to roll on a big stone or something, riders may feel a sudden jolt and lose balance. What’s worse, thin tires can even be pierced and you may fall down from your bike. Here I’d like to recommend fat-tire ebikes for you like the Magicycles of 4-inch wide, non-slip, puncture-resistant tires. 
Apart from tires, we also need to take a close look at the motors of electric bikes. Although senior riders do not have a high requirement for speed, varying power level can also bring a huge difference to their experience. Senior riders are not advised to do fast riding but a good power level of a motor can give more than a high speed. If the power level is too small (<300w), senior riders may feel that they have to heavily and quickly press the pedals with their feet since it takes more time for low power level ebikes to receive motor engagement. As a result, senior riders may feel tired within a very short period of time and lose concentration which can be dangerous sometimes. So from this perspective you are suggested to have an electric bike of around 750w like Magicycles.
Whether it is senior-friendly  
The ease of handling is an essential quality for an ebike to be senior-friendly. Some bikes, despite fancy looks, are difficult to operate and with unnecessary structures. Therefore, besides some essential components of equipment, we also need to pay equal attention to the details of the bicycles that allow our senior citizens to genuinely enjoy their ride. For example, many seniors are used to carrying a lot of things with them like pills or other personal stuff, so it is necessary for an ebike to feature a big rear rack. My father said to me more than three times that one thing he loves very much about his Magicycle is that it saves him the inconvenience of bringing a large backpack. It is also worth mentioning that some ebike manufacturers tend to customize their products for the senior riders so that they need extra operations to reach a speed they claim to have. This is for the fear that old people might hurt themselves by riding too fast. However, by doing so senior riders will not be able to have as much fun as they should. A good ebike should enable his rider to feel confident, energetic and free. Thus, they should provide protection for seniors by making their bikes more solid, wear-resisting and easier to operate rather than limit the speed of it.
Among various physical activities, bicycling has gained popularity among the elderly and the retired. Benefits range from strengthening muscle groups used in maintaining balance and strength (ie, quadriceps), enjoyment, autonomy, and improved cardiovascular function. So from now on get your ebike that is senior friendly and start to explore the world and discover natural beauty.       

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