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What to Look for When Buying an Electric Beach Cruiser?

It is already April, which means summer is approaching. Are you starting to prepare for the long-awaited beach trips? Traditionally, most people would pack up all the necessary stuff and get to a sandy beach nearby. They could do lots of fun activities, including water sports or boat rentals.

However, times have changed since electric bikes are getting popular. We got another option for those beach trips, which is riding an electric beach cruiser. According to statistics, there are more and more people riding electric beach cruisers on the beach to play and entertain. Personally, I have been to the beach over the years and I can see that this number is increasing without looking at the specific data.

Whether you want to conquer miles on a sandy beach or catch some fresh air beside the sea, electric beach cruisers are making them more accessible. The benefits are obvious, but when it comes to buying one of them, many people have a lot of questions to ask. So, on this page, we will talk about things to look for when buying an electric beach cruiser.

Are electric beach cruisers suitable for beach riding?

Of course, as I said above, an increasing number of people choose to use electric beach cruisers for beach riding. In fact, this ebike model is specially designed for a couple of road conditions, including sandy beaches. Electric beach cruisers usually come with fat tires, which provide great traction and grips. Compared to ebikes with narrow tires, fat-tire electric beach cruisers do make a huge difference in beach riding.

One important thing about electric beach cruisers is that they are and must be equipped with powerful motors, whether they are hub motors or mid-drive motors. It’s because the bike itself can be quite heavy, and when it comes to beach riding, more power is needed to break free from sand holes and handle the resistance from soft terrain.

Anyway, electric beach cruisers are exactly suitable for beach riding. Not only that, but they can also be used in many scenarios depending on your own needs. You could find out for yourself.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying an Electric Beach Cruiser

electric beach cruiser

1. Battery and Motor

Actually, any other ebike buying guide would stress the importance of electric bike batteries and motors. Personally, I think both of the 2 components are far more important for an electric beach cruiser based on that beach riding scenario.

To put it simply, to ride ebikes on sandy beaches, a powerful motor really matters, which allows riders to move and go faster on the sand. Just like I said above, a bike can easily be stuck in the sand without the boost of strong power. Usually, an electric bike motor is measured by watt-hour(Wh). It is recommended to choose a motor of at least 750W.

As for the battery, you know that the larger the battery is, the better it will be for your ebike rides. That’s because sand can absorb a great amount of energy when it comes to beach riding. It means riding on the beach can consume more battery power than riding on flat roads for the same distance.

Regarding the recommendations for batteries, a 20Ah 52V ebike battery can be a wise choice. Batteries of 20 amp hours are kind of rare on the market, which can provide at least a 60-mile range based on how you use the bike. The 52 voltage guarantees a high efficiency for the battery.

2. Size and design

Another important thing about an electric beach cruiser is its size and design. There are a great number of ebike brands in the global ebike market, producing a variety of ebikes. All of them can be similar or different in size and design. What matters when you are looking for an electric beach cruiser is to see if it fits your height or body type. This is to provide comfortable rides and easy handling.

Regarding the design, you could focus on the handlebar. A specially designed handlebar guarantee a more reasonable riding position. For instance, Magicycle Ocelot Pro comes with a butterfly-shaped handlebar, which is designed based on ergonomics. This handlebar can reduce riding fatigue from a long trip. Besides the handlebar, seats, frames, etc also play a key role in how you feel on an electric bike for adults. You could check out the list of ebike accessories to find out which ones fit you the best.

3. Suspension

Just like many features mentioned above, the suspension for an electric beach cruiser can make riders feel more comfortable. Whether it is a full suspension system or just a suspension front fork, both help absorb shocks and vibration from sandy beaches. As you can imagine, the surface of a beach can be really bumpy, not to mention those unpredictable sand holes. A suspension is able to bring down the impact and improve the overall stability.

Make Sure the Bike Is Exactly What You Need

What we tell you is not always what you will feel on an electric bike. Sometimes you need to give it a shot to find out if the bike is a great fit for you. So if you are not in a hurry, why not have some test rides? You got nothing to lose!

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