May 26,2023

What I learned 3 months after buying my first electric bike

The fast-growing Electric Bike market in the U.S. is amazing. According to the latest figures from Light Electric Vehicle Association, 652k new electric cars were sold in 2021, but nearly 790k electric bikes were brought home from shops in 2021 whilst the number in 2020 was 463k. Probably e-bikes are the best-selling EVs in the US. And luckily I’m one of the contributors to this incredible data.
Last year I made my mind to buy my first e-bike and finally placed an order in Oct. The e-bike I owned is Magicycle Pearl White step-thru bike. I’m gonna tell you about why I bought an e-bike and what I learned along the way.
As I get older, I can feel my brain power dims gradually. Science told me one big way to brighten it that is exercising outdoors. For old man like me, e-bikes would offer an even better brain boost than traditional bikes.
Getting physical limitations, I myself really need an e-bike offering a way for me to get back in the saddle and hit the trails. Also, Mountain Ebike provide an easier way for mountain biking or long distances travelling.
After buying this thing, I’ve been addicted to biking. I get used to load up my bike and go find new trails to explore with my neighbor Anderson. It’s really gotten us out more and brought back the passion we once had.
Let's talk about some things I learned along the way
I really love my first e-bike and enjoy it a lot. I love that it has a half twist throttle as opposed to something like a plunger because it allows you to control how much acceleration you give the bike.
One thing I'm not super fond of is the Shimano brake system which is relatively soft and weak. For a traditional bike, the Shimano mechanic disc. brake may be enough but for an e-bike weighing 76 lbs. So the first and the biggest upgrade I made to my Magicycle is the brake. Before I changed the brake the long brake distance would definitely bring unsafety to a man weighs 240lbs so I changed it to Juin Tech hydraulic brakes that generates a much stronger power to stop the e-bike. However, I reported this problem to Magicycle and they currently changed the origin brakes to Tecktro MD300 mechanic brakes.
Then the next upgrade I made to it the one that made a big difference is the suspension seat post and the seat itself. Before I changed the seat my butt would get really sore after about 20 to 30 minutes. There were times where I couldn't ride two days in a row because I was too sore the next day. And here comes an interesting thing. Magicycle held live stream in YouTube and every time they have flash sales during live stream so the both of the post and saddle only cost me around $100.
Next, let's face it no one likes having a sweaty back from wearing a backpack and the rack's made a huge difference. I placed a pannier bag which I also bought in their website a lot on the rear rack.
Finally the most expensive addition to my e-bike which allows me to take my e-bike any places is the rack. I tried my old bike stand but it quickly bent then I realized this beast needs a more reliable rack. Thule T2 was my choice and the rack alone costs 450 so about 700 in total just to be able to drive my bike places and because my bike is a step through I had to buy 30 adapter bar so that the rack has somewhere to hold on to well worth it though considering how much I've used it and how many different places I've taken my bike.

After riding for more than 3 months, I would like to drop two recommendations for you.
If you're ordering the bike online and it's being shipped to your house I highly recommend taking it to a bike shop for assembling. Chances are along the way, parts of the bike either got bent or damaged and the bike shop will have to repair those before you can ride it safely. The best situation is your favorite shop sells e-bikes please consider just buying it straight from them that way if there's anything wrong with it you have somewhere to take it back to.
Next recommendation is make sure you have an emergency kit for when you go on longer rides. A toolkit and a top tube bag which you can put the tool kit in are included in the 8 gifts that Magicycle sent to me. Inside it was 3 different sizes Wrenches, 6 Allen wrenches, a removable screwdriver and of course a tools bag.

I have been enjoying my e-bike for over 3 months now. It has an amazing amount of power to pull me up steep hills with incredible looks and I’m impressed. Hopefully, you could find this post helpful and informative.

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