May 26,2023

What are Watts for? To an Electric Bike

When we are talking about any vehicles with a motor, the power level is always a topic that can never be missed. It is true that the performances of most vehicles are directly related to what power they are designed with and for electric bikes, there is no exception. As a main indicator for the quality and performance of ebikes, the power levels of them are also precisely marked by numbers plus units, such as 250w, 350w, 500w, 750w etc. To choose the right one from them is of great importance to all ebike riders, but it can also be a little difficult and tricky. 

In order to get the ideal motor power level, ebikes buyers will first need some elementary knowledge about what power level is the best for different case scenarios and this requires us to answer a few questions. One, who will be riding your ebike? Two, what will your ebike be used for? Three, how much will your budget be? 

Who will be riding your ebike?
The first thing you have to think clearly before purchasing an ebike is who the rider will be. This is because the weight of the person on your bike will largely influence its performance as well as how the rider will feel about his or her ride. An adult weighing 60kg---75kg can go comfortably and freely on a 250w ebike if he or she is riding on very flat terrains. However, once they are riding in hilly areas, 250w ebikes will meet a lot of frustrations. And for folks who are over 100kg, they are well advised to have an ebike of 500w or higher as higher power levels also mean easier operation on ride.

My advice is that you get an ebike of around 500w---750w because to my very personal experiences the rider on the bicycle is very unlikely to be limited to only one or two. You may be thin and think that a 250w or 300w is well enough but how about your parents? Your friend? They may borrow your ebike for a casual ride. Currently, my father and I share one ebike, a Magicycle of 750w. I ride it for commuting, and my father will ride it for exercising every time he finishes supper. We both find it magnificent.  
What will your ebike be used for?
You need to be very sure why you want to buy an ebike because different power levels are designed to be suitable for different uses. For example, do you have any requirement on speed? Ebikes of higher power levels generally run faster than those of lower levels. It is common that 750w ebikes can run 28 mph while the top speed of 500w ones hardly reaches 20mph. For the 250w ones, the number will be down to around 15mph. Another factor we need to consider is the time of acceleration. It is simple to conclude that the higher the power level is, the quicker the acceleration can be. Quicker acceleration allows ebike riders to operate more easily and enjoyably on bikes which is crucial if you are riding in mountainous areas or rough terrains. This is because as riders are conquering hills and slopes, they need to remember to save energy in case an emergency situation occurs.  
If you are based in big cities and ride for commuting every day, the different power level will not bring you much difference in the experience since the roads are flat and the routes are constant. However, if you are a really heavy ebike rider and like to take challenges from complex terrains, you'd better prepare yourself higher power level ones like the Magicycles because in those areas you'll definitely need to accelerate a lot and the repeated high heat cycles will bring significant damages to bicycles of lower power levels. 

How much money do you plan to spend on your ebike?
I know it's kind of embarrassing to talk about money but the budget is always going to be taken into account when we make this choice. Understandably, the prices of most ebikes go up as the power level of their motors increase. We should not pursue those expensive high-level motors if we do not really need them. But keep it in mind that cost of having an ebike is not only from the labeled price. We’ll also need to take a look at how often it needs a repair. Is the cost of maintenance included in the price? Some brands, like Magicycle, will offer certain discounts on some accessories that you will need on your bike, while some others will not. It is wise of you to take a careful evaluation on the price before you eventually settle down on a choice. 

To sum up, to get the desired power level we need to carefully consider the above three questions: who is the rider; why do I need an ebike; what is the budget in mind. This is how I found my Magicycle. It suits different body shapes like those of my father and me and liberates us from heavy and repeated pedaling so I could fully immerse myself in the fun of riding for a long time and appreciating a visual feast of beautiful scenery in the natural world. 

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