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Tired of Osteoarthritis? You Need Magicycle Fat Tire Electric Bike!

Due to the declining immune system, as is known to all, senior groups are often troubled by diseases, among which osteoarthritis is a frequent devil. Luckily, it could be managed with medication and slow-impact exercise combined, such as cycling, through which you don’t need to carry your full body weight on your knees while getting some exercise to build strength in key muscles. In this sense, an ebike is a great option, but let’s get an idea of osteoarthritis before turning to ebikes.


What is Osteoarthritis

As a common orthopedic disease, the incidence of osteoarthritis is correlative with age. It is surveyed that over 50% of the 65-plus-year-old community suffer from this illness, among which female patients surpass the male. It causes damage in articular cartilage, which could involve the entire joint, subchondral bone ligament, joint capsule synovium and periarticular muscles and lead to pain in the place where bones meet.
In addition to the seniors, obese people, hard drinker and those who perform improper movements are among the list of most susceptible communities to osteoarthritis. Take care of yourself if you are one of them, because once you get osteoarthritis you will fall into a life-long clinical cycle. This disease can seldom be eradicated but can be relieved. Even if the pain and sourness is alleviated for a time, the root is hard to get rid of and bears a high possibility of falling off the wagon over and over again, chasing you like a ghost. 

How to Deal with it

Horrible as osteoarthritis is, there are precautions we may take against this disease if you have not got any. As said, nib it in the bud. If you unfortunately grow  osteoarthritis, e-cycling is the way out. 

Concerning exercises, people with osteoarthritis in their knees are advised to prevent activities that require hypermobile joints, such as mountain climbing, stairs climbing, or sprinting. Rather, go for those in need of mild intensity such as walking, cycling that can activate your joints but won’t hurt them way too much. This is especially true for seniors. Therefore, electric bike cycling is the way to protect you from osteoarthritis while ensuring proper exercise to keep fit.

Electric Bike For The Seniors With Osteoarthritis

Here I strongly recommend Magicycle Fat Tire Ebike, which is the best option for dealing with Osteoarthritis. The design of its handlebar greatly lessen the pressure and strain on riders' wrists and elbows, which actively alleviates Osteoarthritis. Besides, this electric bike allows the rider to travel without pedaling, making it a real ebike specially designed for alleviating the stress of knees and hips. If you're facing a slope during your trip, let Magicyclebike do the work for you instead of push against gravity and placing unnecessary pressure on your joints. This is because its 750W powerful motor, which serves as one of the top parts that makes Magicycle proud,  could help the electric bike climb up any hills and slopes effortlessly. There would be no more accidents for seniors while they were riding uphill on a Magicycle ebike. 

pearl white fat tire ebike

Also, electric bikes from Magicycle have long battery life and fast-charging chargers, saving seniors more time to fully charge them and avoiding the dilemma that those seniors get caught on a long ride with battery dying out so that they are stuck pedaling for more than their bodies may be able to handle.
Moreover, Magicycle's fat tires will add significant stability to riding. Not all senior riders will always ride on plain roads, many of them may encounter various terrains that cause some problems concerning safety. There is no doubt that ebikes for seniors should always come with as much comfort and control as possible and they need to feel safe when they ever find themselves dealing with less ideal terrains. Thus, fat tire electric bikes play an essential and important role protecting seniors from hurting themselves or degenerating the disease. In this regard, Magicycle's Fat Tire electric bikes serve as the safeguards for elderly riders. 


In conclusion, if you are looking for a healthy life away from osteoarthritis, pick Magicycle and try it out to strengthen your muscles. Whether you already got osteoarthritis on your knees or not, riding on a electric bike could both prevent you from getting osteoarthritis or degenerating it! 

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