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Three Differences between 48V and 52 V Batteries

Spring is approaching, it is a good time to go outside, cycling along roads all over with cherry blossoms while bathing in the sunshine, telling jokes to your beloved ones. In Contrast to private cars stuck in traffic jams, ebikes are a better choice for spring travelers. Get confused about the technical terms? Go for 48V or 52V? Well, here are three differences. 

Battery Life
First thing first, V stands for voltage of a battery, meaning the rate at which energy is drawn from a source that produces a flow of electricity in a circuit. Simply put, larger the voltage, stronger the energy and longer the battery life.

Compared with the commonly-seen 48V 15Ah battery which can sustain a range as far as 40 miles at a full charge, a 52V 15Ah like Magicycle is able to cover 33 to 55 miles range.

More often than not, the advertisement cannot guarantee a theoretical range in actuality. However, a large capacity battery could ensure a wider range of possibilities to choose from. In a nutshell, a 52V ebike often features a longer battery life on the road. I believe no one would fancy a beautiful journey being cut by a short supply of electricity from the ebike battery.

Cost-efficiency is the top priority for rational minds. The ultimate goal of buying is to make a full use of every penny, being served at least costs. You can never be too prudent to shop around for the ebike with the best prices.

Usually, higher voltage can bring stronger power. It also means the battery is weightier, though on the other side a heavier battery has a better performance of stability. Therefore, batteries of higher voltage are somewhat pricier. Theoretically, a 52V battery is more expensive than the 48V one.

Here and now, price of the majority of ebikes equipped with a 48V 15Ah battery out there in the market is approximating 2,000 US dollars. If we take this as an average, it would be a huge bargain to have an ebike equipped with a battery more powerful at 2,000 dollars, or a 48V 15Ah battery worthy less than 2,000 bucks. Luckily enough, a battery more powerful than the average worthy less than 2,000 dollars is a real boon!

Sometimes, consumers may doubt the quality of less costly ebikes, worrying that something must be wrong with the spare parts, but it is not all true. Business is complex, and retail price can be affected by labor cost, marketing strategy, monopoly, breakthrough technology and other factors. It is an information war! Smart buyers are quick to pick out the most money-efficient ebike, and you could be one of them. As the proverb goes, something is better than nothing. Why not put Magicycle on your waiting list and start your collection.

Speed and Climbing Capacity
As the source of electricity, battery power determines the cycling speed of an ebike and its performance on hill climbing. Let's spare all the minor factors such as temperature, terrain, cyclist's weight that can affect ebikes' performance, it is the power generated by battery that counts.

According to the power equation, a 48V 15Ah battery often generates 500 watt while a 52V 15Ah one comes to 750 watt or so. What do these two figures mean? It means for a cyclist who is traveling across mountainous or terrains of complicated uncertainty, a 52V battery is a satisfying choice; whereas for commuters living in flat ground where traffic is busy, a 48V battery would suffice. However, who would not prefer an ebike of multiple uses anyway.

Last not least, man is the measure of all things, as philosopher Protagoras said. It is true to choose an ebike. Choose the one that fits you most.

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