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The 3 Best E-bike Cycling Routes in San Diego

Every city is wonderful in its own way. Distinct personality, culture, and identity that separates it from the rest, leaving its mark on our life. San Diego is a great place to do some road biking pretty much any time of the year. The temperatures are fairly moderate, there are a number of bike paths and designated bike lanes.

Since everyone's needs and tastes are slightly different, no single route can be definitively called "best," Below you’ll find my 3 favourite cycling routes in the San Diego area. I like the challenge of some climbing and most of these routes involve a fair amount of climbing. Pedaling technique is important,but mountain e-bike will help uphill riding.

This list is not inclusive as there are many awesome bike routes in San Diego are found in the Mission Bay, La Jolla and northern coast areas like Torrey Pines, Del Mar, and inland to places like Rancho Santa Fe and Poway.

Route #1 – Point Loma and Cabrillo National Monument
It's a 24 miles or so route, a relatively flat and wonderful ride, with the option of climbing a few mountains if you wish. Bike south from Mission Bay to Ocean Beach and then to Point Loma, especially when you get to Point Loma from Cabrillo Memorial Drive with your fat tire electric bikes. The view is beautiful, with views of downtown, the harbor and Coronado Island. Once you're inside Cabrillo National Monument, you can choose to go down to the water.

From Kwan-yin Bay, follow the Kwan-yin Bay route south. The path ends at W Mission Bay Dr, across the first bridge. If you want to avoid the Mission Bay Dr Before the bridge, you can also cycle along Mariner Road for a while. After crossing the bridge, enter Quivira Road via the circular path under the bridge. Continue along Kivira until you see the Sunset Cliffs Boulevard Bridge. Take the path on the left and you'll get to the bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you have two options, depending on whether you want to climb up a fairly challenging steep hill. If you want flat terrain, take Route 1 and follow Nimitz Avenue to Catalina Avenue, then turn right. If you're ready to take on the mountain challenge, you can choose Option 2 and ride it through the beautiful ocean beach community. Stop at the bridge on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and continue walking for a while until you reach Hill St. Turn left on Hill St. and head up the challenging Hill. After climbing the hill, turn right on Catalina Avenue.

Now the two options are combined. Continue along Catarina until you reach the Dr. Cabrillo Memorial, then continue along the road until you reach the gates of Cabrillo National Monument. Here are a few options. If you want to ride down to the beach (and back again!) You may have to pay a $10 park entrance fee. If you get here early in the morning and there's no one at the door, you can ride there. If you are not interested in climbing the mountain, walk home the way you came.

For those who prefer to climb, turn right on Cabrillo Road after passing the park gate. This will provide you with a great view as you roll down the hill. Check out the view at the bottom (and tidal pools if you want) before climbing back up the hill. If you really want it, you can repeat the climb. When you get tired, take the same route home!
Route #2 – Rancho Santa Fe Bike Route
It's a 62.1miles bike route but magicycle e-bike will help. Rancho Santa Fe is a great little town inland east of Solana Beach. It has a number of nice restaurants and cafes. An elegant combination of San Diego's country and coast. Beginning in Solana Beach you can tackle your first and longest climb into Rancho Santa Fe village center then amble through delightful country roads before making our way back to the coast via the “executive” or scenic route of San Elijo Lagoon. Beautiful panoramic views of sand and surf greet us at Cardiff-by-the-Sea, home to the iconic surfer statue “The Cardiff Kook.” Heading north you can cruise the spirited towns of Encinitas, Leucadia and Carlsbad interspersed with gorgeous coastal views and freshwater lagoons. Rancho Santa Fe can be a few degrees warmer than the coast, and makes for a nice place to go if the coast is cool and breezy for cycling, you’ll ride along the coast with some fantastic views of the Pacific Ocean.

Good riding skills and good fitness are needed for this ride. We ride on 100% paved roads and shoulders, 70% being designated for bikes. Most but not all of the roads are in good condition. The road to the coast is mostly quiet and meandering with a few moderate climbs, however, some sections are without a designated bike lane or shoulder. Being comfortable riding in the traffic lane with traffic is necessary in these areas. While coastal traffic is often heavy, designated bike lanes make for ideal riding. We cross train tracks twice, once when we reach the coast and once when leave. We finish with a climb from the coast to Rancho Santa Fe that is long but doable at a moderate pace.The total distance for this ride is 100kms and has over 1000ms of climbing.

Route #3 –  Fiesta Island Bike Route
Fiesta Island Bike Tour
If you are looking for an easier and flatter route, then this is the cycling route for you. This route follows a paved path around Mission Bay. You can also loop around Fiesta Island which is located in the Bay and provides great scenery. You can ride around the exterior road of Fiesta Island before leaving the Island to ride around it a second time on the surrounding paths, trails, and bridges of Mission Bay. 

Mission Bay Cycling and Fiesta Island
Start on the Mission Bay multi purpose path on the west side of Mission Bay.  Head east on the path around the point and then through Crown Point Park. The path will end just beyond the park.  Continue on Crown Point Dr and then turn right on Pacific Beach Dr.  Next continue on Pacific Beach Dr over the Rose Inlet bridge where Pacific Beach Dr becomes N Mission Bay Dr. Cycle along N Mission Bay Dr for a few minutes until you get to De Anza Cove Park. Here you can get back on the multi purpose path. The path will take you along the east side of Mission Bay. Continue until you arrive at Fiesta Island Rd. Here turn right and continue on Fiesta Island Road which will bring you in a loop around the island.

Fiesta Island is a popular location for charity walks and runs, electric bike races, time trials and other special events. Picnicking is also allowed on the island. If you enjoy flat, nearly car-free beach side biking, the Fiesta Island loop is a must-ride. The loop is four miles long, so depending on how many miles you want to ride, you can continue for multiple loops. Technically, there is no bike lane since cyclists are legally permitted to occupy the entire roadway. Also, the loop is one-way headed in a counterclockwise direction so you never have to worry about oncoming traffic.

When you’ve done your loops on Fiesta Island, return to your home base the way you came via the Mission Bay Path.

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