May 26,2023

Standover height? What Is It and How to Find Your Standover Height?

You’ve waited for your ebike for a long time since you placed that order and finally received it. However, you found it doesn’t fit you perfectly just because of your height. Does this ever happen to you?

Buying an ebike that doesn’t fit your height can be annoying and upsetting, but if you know what your standover height is before making decisions to buy that ebikes, things will be a lot better. By reading this article, you are going to be aware of everything about electric bike standover height.

What Is Standover Height?

Magicycle Jaguarundi Step-Thru Ebike

Simply, before discovering your own standover height, you need to understand what it is exactly. Normally, a standover height is a length from the top of the tube of your ebike frame to the flat and even ground, which is measured right in front of your ebike seat or saddle. A standover height can be different since there are many kinds of ebikes for sale and ebike frames. For example, Magicycle Ocelot Pro has a step-thru frame design. In this case, you don’t need to measure its standover height because you can just cross your legs right between the downtube to get on and off. Moreover, if your ebike is a Crusier like Magicycle Cruiser Pro, you won’t have to worry too much as well for the reason that there would be much room since the top tube is designed to be curved.

How Do You Measure Your Standover Height?

It is quite simple to measure your standover height. There are mainly 2 steps to do that. The first step is measuring your total height while the second step is measuring the length of your inside leg, which is called inseam as well.

1. Body Height

You can just stand against a flat wall and measure your body height by asking for somebody else’s help. If there is by chance nobody around you, you could measure by yourself and mark with a pen. Here are two things to be remembered. First, you are recommended to wear your cycling shoes which are usually worn when you are taking that ride. The second thing is trying to stand on a flat floor. Both of the two things are to avoid possible deviation.

2. Inseam

Before starting to measure the inseam, prepare yourself a large and thick book, and a tape. Next, put the book right between your legs and press it tightly. In this step, you need to make sure the book is level. Then you need to use your pen again to make it on the wall where the top line of the book touches the wall. After that, you can make use of the tape to measure the length of the mark from the floor, that length is your standover height.

Tips for Choosing Electric Bikes that Fit You

No matter what kind of fat tire electric bikes for sale you are looking for, you’d better think twice about whether the electric bikes for adults fit you or not before jumping to the order. Here I will provide 2 tips for you to make decisions.

1. Choose a Suitable Frame Size.

With the help of knowing your own standover height, you can make much more accurate decisions by comparing your standover height with the bike frame size. Normally, you will get all info about the ebike size on the official website.

2. Make Use of Ebike Accessories

Some of you may have an electric bike that is smaller than expected. For this situation, you can make use of ebike accessories by adjusting your seat or saddle to a higher position. Also, if the handlebar is adjustable, you can make that adjustment as well because everyone needs to have a comfortable riding position. Here I recommend you buy Magicycle’s oversized saddle to prevent further pain from an uncomfortable riding position. For more details about the saddle, please check the link below.

Ebike Frame that Fits Everyone

Magicycle Ocelot Pro

If you ask me if there exists any kind of electric bikes that can fit everyone, I will tell you exactly: a Step-thru ebike is the best answer.

As I mentioned before, Magicycle Ocelot Pro is a low step-thru ebike that can fit anybody’s height and standover height. Small as it is, it has the same, even stronger power because of its powerful 750W 96Nm motor. It can just go up to the speed of 25km/h. The 96Nm torque is equivalent to the torque of an 800cc motorcycle. So if you are looking for an ebike that can meet all kinds of requirements and fit your height, Magicycle Ocelot Pro will save you time in selecting.
Magicycle Jaguarundi Step-Thru Ebike

Also, Magicycle’s got another step-thru ebike — Magicycle Jaguarundi. It is a folding ebike with a step-thru frame design as well. It may not be as powerful as Ocelot Pro, but its folding feature makes it easier and more convenient for riders to carry it out. Magicycle Jaguarundi can be folded to a small size so that you can put it in the corner when you are working in the office or carry it into a lift. Moreover, if you are planning to have a self-driving tour with your ebike, then folding your Jaguarundi and putting it in a car trunk couldn’t be more attractive.

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