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Magicycle Referral Program: Let’s Earn Some Easy Bucks

The aim of Magicycle is always to provide the best service and products to its customers. With this in mind, Magicycle has opened up a referral program for the benefit of all the Magicycle fans.

It is pretty easy to earn some from the program. You just need to share a unique referral link granted by Magicycle with your friends or anybody you know as long as they are willing to click on the link. Below are some basic steps:

1. Create an account. First thing first, you need to sign up to be part of this referral program at https://bit.ly/40NRIht. The information needed includes your name, email address, and password. You could also sign up with your Google or Facebook account. This is what it looks like when you sign in successfully:
Dashboard of the site

2. Choose or generate personalized referral links. While you log in successfully, you can see a referral link to our official website. This is one of the links you can select. You can access the marketing tool to generate the referral links you want. There are instructions on the page for you to generate links, which are pretty simple and brief. Aftering the generation, you need to share those links with your friends to help them place orders.

3. Check out your Earnings. Once someone places orders through your personalized referral link, you will earn a 5% commission on the cost of the order. Besides the total commissions you’ve earned, you can check out other statistics including sales and orders.

Why is it worth selecting our Referral Program?

1. You can join us whenever you want to without any startup or maintenance fees required.

2. 5% commission. The higher the price of the order is, the more earnings you can get.

3. High conversion rates.

4. As a trustworthy ebike brand, Magicycle is well-known to many people, making it easy for you to introduce.

To be continued…

The 5% commission is not the end of this referral program. In the near future, Magicycle will bring far more benefits. Please stay tuned. If you have any more questions, you can learn more about the program here, or feel free to contact us at evonne@magicyclebike.com.

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